Monday, February 28, 2011

Main Street Root Beer One "giant" of a good brew

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house. By time I came around, only four of their eleven kids were still living there but thrift was an important virtue in the ol' homestead and even though Pop loved him some Barq's, most of the time when I came running in from play time, I always found a nice cool refreshing can of the local store brand Root Beer waiting for me. It was the staple. The money saver. It got the job done; enough to satisfy until better days when the Barq's would be flowing freely like milk and honey in the promised land. I would come in, hot sweat and ready to pop the top off a can and chug that bad boy down. the only way to really appreciate it. no real head to savor, no bells no whistles, no fine ingredients (however those were the days of REAL sugar in everything). Man was it sweet. I would catch some heck from Pop telling me to slow down, or take it easy. He would say I would get cramps or make myself sick or something like that but whatever, all I had to do was sneak into the pantry (they still have one) and hide it from him. It would be gone faster than the belch would come up and I would be outside with my buddies making mudpies, peeing in the outhouse (they don't have that anymore) or poking a dead bird with a stick.

I have been thinking about the old guy lately. He turned 88 in December. Him and I are real tight. Among other things, his love for root beer and chips/fries inside a sandwich are some the things he has handed down.

Earlier tonight I tried Main Street Root Beer in the Frosty Boot, (which was given to me by the man himself). I shot a little bit of whipped cream into it for a poor man's float. But as soon as I hit the post key at the bottom of this page, I am gonna get up, grab the other can of Main Street Root Beer I got from Adam and sneak off somewhere and chug one back for old times sake. Because, that is the way it is done. I just hope I don't get caught or wake the kids.

Just like any other store-brew, it gets the job done. 2.5 Frosty Mugs, most of that is sentimental.


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