Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Playing Cards with Wild Bill - Wild Bill's Rocky Mountain Root Beer

Adam, an old pal of mine and I sat down at the table with a fella who went by the name of Wild Bill. Neither of us had played his game before but here we were, the three of us. He had come to our place to shoot a game of 12oz stud. He was dealing, but we held the cards. His deck looked great. Fresh and clean in a clear package but it had been used for quite sometime. "Three generations" he told us. It even had the bullet holes to prove it had been around awhile. Bill was a gentleman. He gave the cards to us freely and Adam took the first cut. As the bottle deck was opened, a distinctive yet inviting aroma drifted out. Our blood ran cold but we still wanted to be dealt in. As Bill dealt the cards, they hung in the air for a moment, just long enough to enjoy. The first hand for me was strong, not what I had expected. It was hard to work with. That hand went to Adam who immediately fell in love with Bill's style of dealing. However, after a few more hands and then eventually after a few more games since then, I have come to find Wild Bill to be quite the card shark, who plays fair and even kicks you in the pants from time to time. No nonsense and straight up, Wild Bill is a straight shooter, who packs a punch but leaves you wanting more. Invite him to your party and not only will he bring the drinks, he will also bring the game. 3 Frosty Mugs


There is one thing I know about playing cards, that I am not good at it. I got a poker face that would make Lady Gaga blush... I hold my cards only to reveal the entire hand to my neighbor..... I have even been known to unintentionally go all in when I was actually attempting to cash out..... like I said I am not prone to go Viva Las Vegas!!!! So with all this in mind as I approached the table with Wild Bill I had fear in my eyes, lots of fear. Cane Sugar was his poker face and I was taking it hook line and sinker. He dealt the cards and I was like putty in his hand. As my brother has indicated the game was over before it started for me..... the flavor was like a happy melody of dark rich flavor sprinkled with bursts of pure sweetness. I realized quick that this fella was a dark brew... oh I mean Bro, as any card shark would be by nature (full of deep flavor). I admit, Bill took me to the (root beer) saloon and I left a blubbering fool, happy, but well intoxicated. In not so many words, Bill and I became gun slingin' friends, quickly, and irrevocably! 4 Frosty Mugs


Special thanks to our friends at Wild Bill's Old Fashioned Soda Pop Co. who sent us a complimentary case of root beer. Thanks Bill!!!! Come back any time, but next time we will use our deck!
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