Monday, February 7, 2011

TUBZ: Cheap, Foamy, & Good!!!

I have enjoyed many store brand brews. They all have one thing in common.... their CHEAP! No frills, no fancy labels, no logos, and sub standard taste are also common denominators. That is where Tubz: Old Fashioned Root Beer differs from other store brands. Oh yes, it is CHEAP!! I think you can grab a 12 pack for $2. I mean real cheap!! But it has frills, it has a sweet label, and yes it has a logo, in fact a very true to form logo if you ask me.

I picked up my TUBZ at the Save-A-Lot where in fact is the only place you will find TUBZ.... its the store brand. I was actually just wanting some cheap brew, budget was limited but you know..... I had to get my fix. So here is the thing, I paid dirt low prices for cloud nine brew!!!!

Before I bang this drumb too loud I should bring this back to the perspective that this is a "store brand" brew. This means expectations are low... very low. So anything noteworthy is a surprise... something tasty is unheard of. This brew blew my reality!!!!

TUBZ sports a logo of a frosty mug overflowing with sweet white foamy goodness..... you might think this was a pipe dream, a sales pitch, but no, it might as well have been an actual photo. Yes this brew has foam...lots of foam!!! "Drink to the Foam" is a lyric from the Navy's ballad "Anchors Away".... they may have been talking about TUBZ! Now foam is one thing but taste is where the rudder hits the water so to speak. This brew is tasty, very flavorful, similar to that of the standard. It has that very familiar, standard, root beer extract flavor. It is distinct and certain. The brew is heavy on the carbonation which probably speaks to the serious foamy adventure this brew provides. I am a fan of most all root beer, even the store brands, but this is one cheap brew that is worthy of the Cellar.... for emergency preparation bulk storage, but none the less, in the Root Beer Cellar. I grant this foamy tasty store brand 3 Frosty Mugs.


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