Thursday, February 17, 2011

TUBZ: My two cents

So at first, My esteemed Brother Adam and I set out to take a "tit for tat" approach to TUBZ. We were going to both drink it, which we did together on his way back to Philly one night and then draw straws to decide who was going to take which side of the debate. However, after doings so I think we both pretty much agreed that both of us liked it so much we didn't want to have to take the the "con" side of the debate. So here is my take:

PROS: TUBZ rocks! for quite a few reasons. CONS: TUBZ has them but it has it's reasons which are easily explained.


  1. As many store brews go and as Adam has pointed out, cost is great! This one is no exception.
  2. FOAMY! FOAMY! FOAMY! This guy has foam before you even open it.
  3. Taste is pretty good to. It is like a mix between the standard and maybe MUG. pretty good no doubt.
  1. Plastic bottle
  2. HFCS
  3. A little over carbonated for my taste but there is all that FOAM so it is a trade off.
All of these cons can be attributed to one fact: It is a store brand. however, for what it is worth, it s for sure my #1 recommendation for your picnic and party needs. If you need to buy a lot of Brew for a lot of people and want them to like it (and you) then head down to Sav-a-Lot and pick up a case or 5.

3 FROSTY MUGS I would be hard pressed to choose between this or the standard!

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