Monday, February 21, 2011

What do you get when you turn an old A&W Drive-In into a Bar-B-Q joint? Roscoe's Root Beer & Ribs

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a very unique root beer stand in Minnesota. When an old A&W drive-in went bust a young couple with an American Dream set out to make history. They ripped the awning off that old drive-in and grabbed many cans of orange paint. Over the years they perfected a bar-b-que sauce that was eventually received very well at a cook-off in Cleveland, took 1st place in fact!! At this point they knew they were on their way to bar-b-que stardom. Back in Rochester, with their bright orange restaurant they continued serving up what they could now claim as the best ribs around and of course they kept the serving up the root beer. In fact they have their own brew, served by the glass or the gallon. I am not sure how that root beer might taste, but from my experience if you make your own brew and stay in business for 20 years, chances are you got a good brew. I must admit, the opportunity to buy a rack of award winning ribs along with a gallon of fresh root beer is a temptation worth the drive to Minnesota to satisfy!

We extend our congratulations for their 20 years of achievement and encourage everyone to check out our new friends at Roscoe's Root Beer & Ribs go to:


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