Tuesday, March 8, 2011


song of note while reviewing:  For the First Time by the Script

my aside:
A couple days ago on my day off work, the weather was absolutely gorgeous here in Texas. Crisp air. Bountiful sunshine. Crystal clear skies.  So what did I decide to do? Go fly a kite? Hard to do without some wind or for that matter a kite. Besides this is the internet age right? There is bound to be some kite simulation. So why go do the real thing.  Of course my other option was to review a new root beer? Sounds easy enough compared to those other options. But nope. 

Instead I went to the grocery store! Yippee! I ran through a whole bunch of samples for lunch. Is it a bad sign when this actually provides me with a healthier meal than my usual fare? The things people are willing to eat when they are free. I believe people are more willing to try something different if you said it was a free sample as opposed to forcing at gunpoint (I know another gunpoint reference and root beer) previous review.

Or is it bad I walked by the soda section without even blinking an eye towards the root beer selection?  
Anyways . . . I eventually went home and planted myself outside for some reading time and catching some rays. A perfect opportunity to have a cold root beer in hand? Yes, if i was adam or mike. After reading for a while, my energy was zapped. The strenuous activities of the afternoon required an apt response in the form of a nap.  zzzzzzzzzzzz

So with such a wonderful day and plenty of opportunities to catch up on a root beer review, I finally decided to write a review . . . a week later.

on to the root beer!  Boylan is the chosen one this time around. It’s actually been sitting in my fridge for a while, like a month or maybe longer.  Let’s not get into this.

For whatever reason since i first saw the name Boylan, I tend to pronounce it like the word bouillon, only in my head of course. So this root beer to me has a Cajun connection, even if it really is somewhere in Jersey. 

Firstly I actually like the bottle quite a bit. Compared to Hanks (see attached image), it’s less pretentious and gaudy. I do like the Hank's bottle too, but with my scant exposure to root beer this may be my favorite bottle. There’s no paper label either. Just a simple painted design on a glass bottle. I like it!

If there is one thing I’ll say for Boylan is it’s not overpowering.  Aroma on opening the bottle is slight. Taste is not strong, but distinct and not blas√©. A second or two after drinking, it leaves a slight after taste that reminds me of a weak moxie effect.  Which in my book is not a good thing, but again it’s much milder so it’s not off putting. I’ll drink this way before I drink moxie. 

What is striking about this brand is its counter trend of lacing this with vanilla, like many of the "gourmet" root beers out there. So it's not as smooth and fragrant. But it does follow the trend of using cane sugar. With this taste profile, its definitely a root beer that would be better with a meal as opposed to a stand alone drink. It won’t compete with your meal, but it doesn't have enough to hold your attention on it's own.

ingredients of note: cane sugar, natural yucca extract. yucca?  Isn’t that some desert plant? As if root beer can’t get any weirder. Now I have some desert plant extract coursing through my system.

mini –me was absent for this taste trial. Something about a tummy ache. Yeah right. Maybe he’s more like me than I gave him credit.

3 frosty mugs



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