Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fastest Root Beer: Justin Wilson Sponsored by Dad's

Justin Wilson, the Indy Racing Brew Lover, has renewed his sponsorship from The Dad's Root Beer Company. Announced recently, the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing organization, with which Wilson belongs, was pleased to welcome back their "old fashioned" sponsor who originally sponsored the racing team back in 2008. The spurt of brand placement by Dad's was likely initiated by the 2007 purchase of the brand by Hedinger Brands, LLC. Within that purchase the brands of "Bubble Up", "Dr. Wells", and "Sun Crest" were also included in the deal. Clearly however, the Dad's brand was the flagship of the four. Dad's began in 1937 back in Chicago and through multiple acquisition's over the years has finally landed in Jasper, Indiana where the current headquarters is located for the brand. An Indiana based brew certainly seems directly in line with sponsoring a racing team. So the next time you catch an IndyCar Series race be sure to look for Justin, he should be easy to spot, he has the fastest root beer on the track! check out Justin's Racing Team


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