Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green Root Beer - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Back in 1997 I was enriched with the wondrous opportunity to enjoy St. Patrick's Day in the windy city. If any city does this holiday right it is Chicago! They go so far as to dye the river green. Yes, the actual river flows green, bright green, for the entire day (probably for weeks after)!! It was there that I watched nearly a perpetual parade of bands, floats, dignitaries, and fraternal orders march down the streets all clad in festive green attire. There has been a special place in my heart for this holiday ever since that day. Until today there has also been a subtle emptiness along with that special place. The one aspect of this holiday that is celebrated throughout the country (and probably much of the world) is Green Beer, of course! As one who only takes part in rooted brew, this has been stumbling block for my St. Patty's Day celebrations. Like I said, until Today!

After making a purchase of A&W and a small bottle of green food coloring I will now drink to the GREEN FOAM!!!! Yes it took many drops, many drops, to get this dark brew to pour green. But GREEN it is and it is the brew of the day! So as we embark in our festive Irish traditions of this holiday might you enjoy a tall frosty mug of Green Root Beer!!!! It's Great to be Irish, even if its but for one day a year!!!!


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