Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Most Eco-Friendly Root Beer: SodaStream

The world of root beer is about to change!!! In an effort to address both the environmental impact and the financial aspect of soft drinks SodaStream has answered the call with an "In Home" carbonating system!!! Yes, that is an "In Home" system, the primary focus is reduction of cans and bottles in landfills. This system cures this obvious issue. The fact that one $5 concentrate bottle makes a case and a half of brew makes it less expensive than most brew. Save the world and save your money... a win-win situation.

So what is the deal with this soft drink lovers in home system. The folks at SodaStream claim the following as their purpose:

"The SodaStream system enables consumers to carbonate water and to flavor carbonated beverages at home as an alternative to
purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans."

Certainly a worthy cause, a most worthy cause indeed, but the real question for us is how does it really pan out. The brew is all natural and what we know about all natural brew is either you get it right, or you DONT!!!! Virgil's is a great example of natural brew done right. We at RBB would love to hear from our fans who have experienced SodaStream. We do look forward to trying this little eco brew adventure when the opportunity presents, but that might be awhile. So please let us hear about your experiences. If nothing else the folks at SodaStream get a big Frosty Mug for the out of the box thinking and for their eco minded innovative spirit.

To learn more about SodaStream check out their web site:


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