Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stein Worthy: Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg

A good friend of mine saw this stein and knew that it needed to find its place at RBB. My friend may not be a big fan of root beer (he loves the other beer) but even he can recognize that a brew worthy of a stein must be a good brew. I must admit, when I first learned that Virgil's had a "special" brew that they placed in a stein, I figured it was a gimmick to sell more of their great brew. I was impressed however, that they had in fact taken so much effort with the stein. I had high hopes that the brew inside warranted such treatment.

The stein alone earned this special "Bavarian Nutmeg" edition of Virgil's some extra points. The stein is simply awesome, hands down this bottle is the only other bottle in the same category as the Hank's Gourmet bottle. The real question was could it stand against Hank's in flavor?

An important note to make is that Virgil's maintains their "all natural" approach with this edition of their root beer. If anyone can pull off all natural great tasting brew it is Virgil's. So I figured I was in for more of the same or hopefully something even better. I has most joyous to learn that this fancy bottle was not an unanswered point of vanity!

The flavor was most delightful, carrying a crisp dynamic taste like the original Virgil's but with that promised extra nudge of nutmeg. Somehow these guys pack so much flavor into their brew yet preserve that very important root beer extract foundation. The added nutmeg was identifiable yet very subtle. This brew was as tasty as the original, similar carbonation, but this very intentional and distinct increased placement of imported nutmeg somehow makes it all better...... thus warranting the "special" bottle. Now some may think that nutmeg is a weird spice to add to a root beer. I again mention that somehow these guys know what they are doing. Trust me it works, it works very well!!!! The higher price may be a turn off but seriously "Quality Costs" and this is all quality! They gained an additional half a mug on this one 4.5 Frosty Mugs

check em out on the web http://www.reedsinc.com/virgils/

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