Monday, April 4, 2011

Appalachian Brewing Company - Not just a Root Beer for the Bears

I have driven through Harrisburg, PA many times this year on my way back to the Buckeye State. On those many occasions I often crossed a beautiful old bridge which, to my surprise, I found pictured on this bottle of local brew. I was immediately intrigued by this brew that claimed to have been sweetened by "a delightful blend of honey" and sported a honeycomb pattern across the background of its label. I am a big fan of honey, I like it on my biscuits and my pancakes..... but my brew..... honey is not exactly something I desire in my root beer. But there is something about these guys at ABC that had me questioning the role honey should play in my life.

The bear should be a clue as to how much honey this "delightful blend" might include. I know of no bear that would seek out a bottle of root beer as they rummage through your camp. However, I think ABC is implying a WARNING by placing this black bear on their label because if a bear gets a whiff of this brew it will be THE reason why they rummage through your camp!! Yes, there is much honey in this Pennsylvania root beer, but don't fret, in this case it is a very good thing!! Yes this brew is a sweet one, very sweet, but that sweetness comes with a distinct flavor of honey behind it. When all this honey is mixed so carefully along with the very distinct root beer flavor some how ABC Root Beer seems to pull off this oxymoron in a very delectable way. Yes, the root beer is distinct, sweet with honeycomb goodness, its a dark brew, with moderate carbonation, and has a very cool label. The guys at ABC pride themselves in brewing many distinct flavors of the "other beer" but I am grateful they applied all that experience in providing us another amazing distinctive root beer. I grant this honeycomb brew with 4 Frosty Mugs
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