Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fitz's, Meet me in St. Louis!

I have had this brew a few times. Many of the times have been on visits to my good buddy and fellow Rootbeer brother Adam's place while he lived in Missouri. He has given me a few over the years and I have even bought a couple from Jungle Jim's which is THE place in Ohio to get your micro brew Rootbeer fixes.

The taste of this distinct brew is somewhere between A&W and Mug in a little place I like to call AMERICA. It has all of the qualities of both with an olde fashioned flair. Not to mention a hint of Apple Pie, 4th of July Fireworks and cool summer breezes. I am not sure how they managed to get all of that in there but they did and BOY! Does it taste GREAT! The word "Premium" doesn't even cut it. Cane sugar makes this a good choice in my book as well as the long-neck brown glass bottle. Those are two are bottom line, must haves for good marks from me.
The head lasts for a reasonable amount of time and the carbonation is just a medium amount with just enough to get a good loud belch from. (Hey we are the Rootbeer BROTHERS right?) Otherwise, this brew goes down easy and enjoyably. Would definitely recommend this one for just about any meal or a good sit out on the porch-swing talkin' with the neighbors. Good brew, good times. I always look forward to going to St. Louis and visiting their restaurant and watching them make and bottle their own brew in-house. Of course, a bottomless mug of that same brew ain't a bad thing either!

For all that above, Fitz's gets 4 frosty mugs. **Disclaimer** I am stuck between 3.5 and 4 here but we have "standards" so I am rounding up! GREAT brew but based upon previous ratings, there are other "4's" I would rather have than Fitz's. Given a choice, I would drink BOTH.


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