Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The One Thing I Will Miss About Winter

There is one indicator I have often used to know how much I like a particular root beer. I should qualify this post by stating that I LOVE ALL ROOT BEER!!! Yes even the worst of the worst (you know who are..... "Encore") is preferable above all other beverages. If it came down to living without root beer or living without all other beverages, I would simply say root beer please and never miss water, milk, coke, oj, .....etc. In fact it would be great because I would no longer be asked what I wanted to drink but simply if I wanted a drink.... I'm digressing..... so at times I drink root beer hot. No not luke warm, tongue scorching hot! Now I don't intend to drink root beer when its about to burst through the bottle from heat but it is a natural consequence, so to speak. This tends to happen in the Summer when the days are long and hot and the inside of your car is so hot that you take extra time to put up a windshield shade. As you can imagine I keep root beer on hand, everywhere. In my home, in the garage, at work, in the tank of the toilet (just in case), and yes even in my car. This is where my problem comes in... you see in the Summer the brew in my car gets hot, very hot! So over the years I have come to recognize that certain root beer tastes good regardless of the temperature it is served. Now that is one great root beer if you can fully enjoy it at 97 degrees. However, all root beer is designed to be served "chilled" so it lends to the idea that cold brew is better brew. That is where Winter comes in with regard to the brew in my car. In the Winter my brew is nice and cold, ready to be fully enjoyed regardless of the brand. In the Summer I make great efforts to stock the car with specific brew equipped to handle the heat. But in the Winter I make no such effort and fill the vehicle with a smörgåsbord of brew. Now, everything else about the Winter, snow, ice, cold wind, plows, and frozen car locks..... I HATE IT ALL!!!!!!! good bye Winter, Helllllooooo Spring!!!!! -Adam

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