Thursday, April 7, 2011

Root Beer's Oldest Sports Celebrity - Ted Williams

Most of our fans are aware of our belief that the New England soft drink, Moxie, is in fact a "Root Beer". What some of our fans may also know is that Boston Red Sox Legend, Ted Williams, was the official endorser of our favorite stout root beer. However, what you may not know is that Moxie.. and Ted.. endorsed another brew.

"Ted's Creamy Root Beer" was bottled and sold for a short time by the Moxie Company during Ted's prime years with the Sox. The root beer has never been seen since however in an odd way the memorabilia continues to find it's way in the spotlight. There have been many reports of fraudulent or counterfeit Ted's Root Beer signs, bottles, and even bottle caps. The reality is that there is a very limited amount of the original signs, caps, and bottles as it was not sold very widely or for very long. And although it is not necessarily the root beer that collectors are after it certainly is an interesting point. the fact of the matter is that
Boston Red Sox fans are very loyal and they love their Sox so much that they seek out vintage collectibles. Unfortunately with the lofty price tag attached to genuine vintage memorabilia there are many who seek to take advantage. Our encouragement to Ted fans and root beer fans alike, at least when it comes to this memorabilia, buy the replicas!! For $15 you could have this tin sign hanging on your garage wall and never have to worry if that seedy guy on ebay was on the up and up. -Adam

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