Friday, May 6, 2011

Cheesesteaks & Hank's

In 1933 Pat Olivieri began serving what would become one of the most well known foods of the Old City of Philadelphia. Pat's King of Steaks is credited for being the home of the original cheesesteak sandwich, or what they refer to as a cheesesteak hoagie. Thinly sliced chopped steak fried with onions placed on a sub roll and smothered in Cheese Whiz is the most common recipe. For those who prefer they offer sweet peppers as an additional topping (at no extra cost). In most parts of the country one might be able to buy a Philly Cheesesteak..... things to know: In Philly you don't ask for a "Philly" Cheesesteak...... trust me, simply saying cheesesteak will save you some embarrassment; whiz over provolone (sounds weird but trust Pat.... he is a King); get the sweet peppers; and no where makes em like they do in Philly.... No Where!!!! The thing is this, they do not use bell peppers, provolone is for squimish wimps afraid of trying something new, and why call it Philly when your in Philly?

What does this have to do with Root Beer? In my opinion we need to consider this fact... root beer was being served in Philly over 50 years before cheesesteaks..... 50 YEARS!!!!!!! Why do we not call it "Philly Root Beer"????? And another thing, if you really want a Philly experience don't you think that it should include root beer?????? My suggestion is this, grab some Hank's Gourmet "Philadelphia" Recipe Root Beer and head to Pat's or any of the fine cheesesteak establishments in the Old City. Ask for "Wit" (means with onions) & Whiz, add the sweet peppers, and enjoy a real Philly experience!!!!!

Now I certainly recognize that all are not able to just head to Philly. So for those of you that may now or sometime in the future have a layover in the Philly Airport I have a suggestion, head to the United concourse and locate the cheesesteak place..... if you look in the photo you will see that they serve ice cold Hank's!!! ("Cheesesteak, wit, whiz, and a Hank's please")


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