Saturday, April 30, 2011


song of note while reviewing: Feel This by Enation

my aside:
back in my college days, which has been way too long. let’s see 5. . .10. . .15 . . . hmm i think i'll stop counting now. one of my stark memories revolved around an unlikely pairing. brace yourself. daytime soaps and root beer. you guessed it! yeah you probably didn’t. . . because it is quite the odd couple.

while living in the apartments one year, besides my good roommates, i also had some other good friends living directly adjacent to us. and so it was only a hop, a skip, and a ditty for all of us to chill together. no seriously. one hop or one skip. at the most two. and these type of circumstances lead to many fond memories.

one particular afternoon when i decided not to attend class, i went over to my friends’ apartment. being that i rarely ever knocked, i walked straight in and saw one of the strangest sights in all my college days. there was my friend, tom , watching General Hospital while drinking a root beer. despite a double take and several seconds of rubbing my eyes the image remained.

sadly though since i had skipped class and had very little else to do, i partook in the moment and relented into watching General Hospital. . . but oddly enough i opted for a different beverage. . . of course. though sitting and watching soaps with another guy cannot be made ok no matter what you drink. tom would latter blame his fiance for getting him hooked, this confession of course was only after the episode was over.

after all these years my punishment for that moment is to now review the stuff, root beers anyways. hmmmm. . . i wonder if luke spencer serves root beer at the haunted star.

genuine hank’s gourmet philadelphia recipe root beer. . . let me catch my breath after saying that.

let’s begin with the obvious when you spot his root beer. this is one gorgeous bottle. well as far as brown glass bottles go anyways. it’s got more texture and curves on it than the sand dunes in the sahara. it’s embossed! and there is fancy metallic foil labels, which again is not typical of the industry. it’s not a single label either like most. it’s a lot for the visual system to take in from a root beer. but the bottle is very elegant and clean looking (ignore what i may have said about the bottle in the last review) previous review

enough about the superficial stuff right? what about the taste? well having a bottle of hank’s is like dating a super model. in the beginning all you can do is admire their beauty, but eventually there has to be some substance. otherwise it may not last too long.

and thankfully hank’s has the goods. best word to describe it would be “solid.” it does not overpower in anyway. not too sweet, not too much bite, not too creamy. and at the same time it is not bland. hank’s is a very solid and smooth root beer. easy for the non root beer elitist to accept.

so admire and appreciate the bottle, even keep it around to show off to your friends. enjoy the drink with whatever meal you may have. this is one date you may take home to the parents and brag about. it’s a keeper

ingredients of note: cane sugar, quilla & yucca extracts, citric acid & acacia. interesting fact uncovered upon a little research: acacia honey is one of the few honeys which does not crystallize. that’s good, especially if you’re trying to make a root beer

4 frosty mugs and mini-me asks if he can he have another. that is a ringing endorsement i do believe

ps- this one root beer review a month turns out to be more difficult than i thought :]


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