Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Olde Philadelphia Root Beer Soda

Today was a hot "muggy" day here in west central Ohio! I was extra thirsty and I saw this ice cold bottle of root beer that I knew would hit the spot. Got out my A&W and a 12oz bottle of Olde Philadelphia to do a review.

I opened up the bottle and did my "sniff-like" aroma test. Compared to the A&W, it was a bit lighter. Color was nice and dark. Poured a small amount in my glass and saw the head was very light as well. For me this is a plus as I hate to wait for the head to subside to get at the brew. Most of the time I just down the bottle in about 10 seconds. For review purposes I won't. The flavor is as expected. To me it has a good sweetness probably due to the cane sugar. It's very smooth and could be drank easily with the light carbonation. Many sodas have a burn. This one didn't.

This soda isn't flashy and for "olde" folks like me the label was hard to read. White label on a clear bottle with extra small print. I google'd the brewery and Lion Brewery makes this. They also make their own name brand which I look forward to trying in the future. I hope it's much better. I'm going to give 2.5 Frosty Mugs as the score.


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