Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Eldest Brother - Marc joins in the fun

When Jeff and I first began this blog we had no idea where it would go.... and for that matter where we would go. Jeff is currently off on assignment in some foreign land and I landed in Philly for a year. We at times have been very, very busy, to the point that RBB has greatly suffered. In January we invited a couple of our brothers to join in the fun. Mike and Ray have brought with them a wealth of additional personality along with their reviews and commentary. At first we thought that four root beer drinking brothers should be able to handle the demand from our Fanship (our fans on facebook and this blog)..... but demands have continued to exceed our expectations!!!!! We find ourselves being bombarded with requests for reviews of everyones fav brew. We are being pitched ideas about youtube videos and twitter parties constantly ..... so much more than we expected!!!!

So to help manage these demands and add yet another personality to the mix, we are pleased to introduce our eldest brother, Marc!!!! (its a good thing our Mom had lots of boys!!)

Marc is the family DJ and is often seen slamming down brew at his many gigs. He mostly does the tame stuff... school dances, wedding receptions, Mitzvahs, and sometimes even private parties (those do get a little out of hand at times) !!!! More recently (we believe due to old age) he has been toning things down by focusing on up-lighting. As with the rest of us brothers, Marc has been an avid root beer connoisseur his whole life. He is very excited about this opportunity (hopefully not too excited.... his heart condition and all) and we look forward to his addition to RBB!!!


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