Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Point Premium Root Beer - you will get the point!!

About 3 years ago a professor of mine in my graduate school gave me some of his hometown brew to review. Due to some very heavy binge drinking on my part and final exams on his part, I consumed the brew without doing the review. When I finally woke up I realized my dilemma and have sought out another sample of Point Premium Root Beer ever since. It took 3 years but finally I have found another sample.

I must admit, that as I began going into this review I attempted to draw back a memory, any memory, of that binging escapade, but none materialized. So I literally went into this review raw... which might be a good thing since those final exams were some of the toughest I have ever taken. Can you imagine the negative influence that may have occurred regarding my relationship with this Wisconsin brew.

Stevens Point holds the honor of being the 5th largest private owned brewery in the country. Their primary beverage is the "other" beer but they do have a modest lineup of premium sodas. The history of Stevens Point is extesnive beginning in 1857 when two guys named Frank and George started brewing Point Beer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The brewery has endured many trials over the years including prohibition which ultimately led to the soda line however it wasn't until 2002 that they introduced their root beer. Over the years and due to their "sticking-with-it-ness" they have expanded their distribution through the entire Midwest and Mid-Atlantic states. They sport a very unique mascot, an image an older guy with a pointy head that would make the Coneheads jealous. The cap also displays the image of this extra-terrestrial brew maker.

This brew is officially an award winner, having secured a Gold Medal from the Beverage Testing Institute in 2003.
Stevens Point Brewery offers tours of their bottle works where samples of their soda, including the root beer of course, is readily offered along with samples of their "other" brew.

So the long awaited review. My professor has waited long enough thus I will begin with my rating - 4.5 Frosty Mugs - now the why???

The brew begins with a very creamy introduction quickly followed by a splash of Wisconsin Honey that has been carefully mixed with cane sugar providing a mildly sweet and distinct flavor that is well supported by a certain root beer extract flavor. The brew is smooth throughout, the carbonation is moderate with a hearty head. The aroma of this brew is strong of typical root beer goodness. The amber bottle seemed to empty way too fast which reminding me of the last time I consumed this tasty pointy bottle of indulgence. I am a huge fan of this brew and hope to one day visit my professor's hometown to see for myself this brewery ..... and get those samples!!!

check out Stevens Point Brewery


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Anonymous said...

Stevens Point is my hometown . I never leave Point without Point Premium Root Beer to go back to Indiana! People love it(if I share!). It makes the world's best root beer float when combined with vanilla ice cream with real flecks of vanilla bean! Love it!