Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sprecher "Fire Brewed" Root Beer

I was out at my local Menard's in Ohio and at the checkout to my surprise was a cooler full of soda and at the top was this interesting looking brew. They offered a regular and a "lo cal". I opted for the regular of course. I never tried this brew so I looked forward to get it. Only a $1.28 for 16oz. Not just your average 12oz. That's a big plus. Upon opening the bottle there was a pleasant aroma and the first taste was absolutely delicious. Much like most of my favorite brews, the carbonation was just right. This is an easy brew to down in a single drink on a hot day. No burn like other heavier carbonated brews. Before I read the ingredients I tasted a sweetness that was familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. I read the label and saw that Wisconsin honey is in the brew! That was it. Honey. It's subtle but you can taste it. I recommend this brew for you, the root beer enthusiast. I have to give 4 frosty mugs and just shy of 4.5 because it wasn't unique enough in flavor that would have made me say WOW!


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