Saturday, May 21, 2011

Which Root Beer Would be the Best to Drink Before the Rapture?

According to Harold Camping of Family Radio tonight in Philly and throughout the world the Rapture will occur. The Rapture is a belief held by many Christian sects that marks the day that Jesus Christ will gather his faithful followers just prior to the very end of days which will be filled with great turmoil and a time of repentance for those that had not been gathered up. There has been a national campaign by Family Radio to spread the message about Judgement Day - May 21, 2011 and extend the call of warning. For many adherents of Harold Camping and Family Radio TODAY is certainly viewed as the MOST IMPORTANT DAY ever!!!!

As I contemplated the implications of the Rapture I couldn't help but ask myself what root beer would I want if it was to be my last??

I extend my appreciation and respect for Harold Camping and all those who adhere to his warnings. I am in no position nor do I intend to dispute or condemn their religious beliefs. Due to my own religious belief system I hold a special place in my heart for all religious and spiritual expressions regardless of their similarities or differences from my own. Although I am not an adherent of the stated claims of Harold Camping I can appreciate that if today proved to be my last as a mortal on this Earth I would want to make sure I enjoyed one more root beer. I certainly like to humor the notion that root beer will be available in the life here after. However, I always redirect these thoughts by recognizing that in the life here after, root beer will be one of millions of things we will no longer need. Thus, what would be my last root beer??

We Brothers have been fortunate to have sampled some of the best brew this world offers (and some of the worst too). I have always recognized that if dirty dish water slightly tasted like root beer I would probably drink it. I and my brothers LOVE root beer (even Ray, but he has a much higher expectation than the rest of us)!!! From store brands to top-shelf brands, I could drink it all day. Although I know most would want their last to be the brew they considered the best I see it from a different angle.

I consider each brand of root beer as if they were my friends. Now I am not having any delusions or thought disorders here, just extrapolating, so please don't hospitalize me. But just as in life you have different depths of the relationship with each friend, so to is my relationship with each brew. I have those brews that are more associates than friends, something like co-workers, you talk and hangout because you work together. For me this is like the store brands, I drink them because that is my job. There are other friends that are very popular and that you hardly spend time with. However, these are the friends that you absolutely love spending time with because they are the life of the party!!! You drop their name in mixed crowds and act like you are much closer with them than what you really are. These are the premium and gourmet brews, like Fitz's, Virgil's, Hank's, and Henry Weinhard's. The problem is that these are not the friends you would ever share your aspirations with, or your secrets, and even your fears. No that type of friend is always there, a friend who is as happy that you stopped by as you are. This is the friend that talks you off the ledge... every week, or through a horrible break up..... from their sister, and a friend that listens to you, not passively but actively... as if they are just as invested in your idea as you are. That is the type of friend I want with me if I get called up as a true believer, or if I get left behind.... so to speak. For me, when it comes to root beer, that BFF has always been A&W on Draft in a cold Frosty Mug.

I am fortunate that in life I have been blessed with actual friends that I am proud to compare with Draft A&W. I have had many other friends throughout my life that have fallen in as store brand and gourmet. All have played an important role, and I am grateful for each. I have ultimately found my perpetually Frosty Mug of A&W within my angel wife, who not only tolerates my love of root beer, but my many other quirky approaches to life. So with that in mind, if it was my last, I would want my sweetheart and a cold frosty mug of The Rootbeer Brother's Standard.... on draft please.


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