Friday, June 24, 2011

BBQ with a side of Brew - The Swinging Door in Richmond Texas

I was first introduced to this brew inadvertently by my extreme brew critic Rootbeer Brother, Ray!! Now bear in mind we were going for the BBQ and NOT the root beer. Ray is far more apt to drive 100's of miles for some tasty food but he very well may skip a 1 mile detour for an unknown brew. With this in mind Ray serves a very important role for RBB.... he knows GOOD brew!!! In fact if he had his way that is all he would drink, which is why it is no surprise that he did not know that The Swinging Door had more to offer than just some amazing bbq. They offer their own brew in amber glass bottles kept ice cold in a very vintage coca-cola bottle vending machine.

I was taken back when I asked what kind of root beer they offered and the waitress simply stated "oh.... um I guess its our own"...... a BBQ joint that serves their OWN brew!!!!! I was in love!!!

The brew was not one that would necessarily warrant a 100 mile detour but combined with their mouth watering BBQ ribs and brisket..... 50 miles would certainly be a trip well spent.

The brew carried a very typical - Standard - flavor, it has moderate on carbonation and heavy on root beer extract. There were no frills but still distinguishable above most store brands. It is a solid root beer! Served cold in a labeled bottle (which matches the art work of their very unique and simple menu) aside their food was a wonderful combination in this tiny dusty Texas town. In regards to their menu and root beer label which carries the very obvious impression that it was hand drawn.... when you have good brew to serve with your very good bbq... your menu could be written with chalk on a green slate board and people would still line up with watering mouths!!! I highly recommend that if you ever find yourself in this neck of the desert that you stop in and swing these doors..... you will be very happy you did.

3 Frosty Mugs

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