Friday, June 17, 2011

Kid Brother Joe Joins The Rootbeer Brothers: a 6-pack is achieved!!

Our kid brother Joe has been biting at the bit to get access to our RBB blog for a long time. But we made him wait.... not because he wasn't ready but because we could. He is the youngest of the brothers and is fresh out of the university and earned himself a literature degree. We older brothers talked about it and decided Joe could benefit the blog with all of his past writing experience. He has been a journalist out West and even did some editorial work and we think he even may have written some beverage related poetry but he is in denial about that one.... something about being dehydrated and having to finish a final literature project..... these journalists are a strange bunch.... if you know what I mean. So now that he has earned his degree he has finally convinced us to let him IN. We do look forward to his FANCY posts.... at least they should be fancy.... the rest of us have no formal training in writing...... so look for Joe's posts and he has even agreed to help us write a book..... some day :)

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Joe said...

Thanks Adam!

Okay, I'm done with post-graduation travel and family visits and general feverishness, and ready to write rootbeer. I've got a few reviews I need to get off my chest. Also, we need to talk about Canada . . .