Sunday, June 19, 2011

Olde Heritage Rootbeer - Amish Farm Brew Lancaster County

Ok.  My big brother Adam wrote a review on this rootbeer.  He gave me this bottle and said to drink it for a review.  Adam wrote his review and was quite kind with his words.  I don't think that I can be so. 

At first this rootbeer as shown appears harmless.  The bottle looked nice and as always, glass is a plus.  My brew, once I turned upside down and back upright again to mix the contents that had settled looked typical of a home-made brew.  The adventure started when I popped the top. I gave my aroma test and at the first whiff it did have a hint of rootbeer.  The other smell was on the order chewed Copenhagen spit juice.  Actually I think a mix of body odor and cow manure was in there too.  From there I became a little leery of the taste test.  I couldn't help myself.  I thought, how bad can it be.  they've been selling this stuff to tourists for some time.  I never heard of anybody dying due to rootbeer yet.  I pressed the bottle to my lips, I didn't want to taint my mug just in case it was terminal,  and I tasted the brew.  I tasted sweetness mixed with a hint of rootbeer and "spit juice", with a mix of some kind of solvent.  I believe a more accurate assessment is spit juice fermentation.  Yes, that's it. 

I can't say much more.  I have to give this brew a 1/2 Frost Mug since there isn't a 10th of a Frosty Mug. The 10th was due to the look of the bottle. If this is heritage rootbeer, I feel sorry for all those pioneers that drank it.  I thinks it's honestly my least favorite drink I ever had the opportunity to drink. Of course, it could be that the day this brew was made or bought, there was a major farm accident.  Probably not.  Sorry for the harshness of this review but I did report the truth according to me.


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