Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recycle Your Bottle Caps with RBB

The Rootbeer Brothers are always looking for ways to help our Great Mother Earth and recently identified a way to contribute in a our own small way. We have developed a process to recycle bottle caps... well more like Re-Use them!!!

We are turning them into refrigerator magnets that are sporting our sweet logo which was originally designed by Jeff way back when we first got started. We love our logo and we want to share it with everyone.... and even save the planet to boot (Mike's boot mug that is)!!

We are beginning a trade-in program where our fans can send us 24 metal bottle caps and we will send them in return 4 of our magnets!!! I am calling it the 4 for 24 program!!! So please follow the instructions on the sidebar and send us your tops!!!! Keep your used bottle caps out of the landfill and decorate your fridge in sweet RBB magnets!!!

Save the Planet!!!!


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Root beer qc said...

Recycle Your Bottle Caps with RBB

Good idea !!

Is it valid for Canada?