Sunday, June 5, 2011

Root Beer Layover in Chicago Airport - Berghoff Cafe

During a recent layover in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport I came across an old friend. In fact it was a friend that I had thought had long left this area but nope here he was in his old hometown. The friend I speak of is none other than Berghoff Root Beer which was originally sold in a very nice tavern/restaurant (of the same name) in downtown of the Windy City. It had been a benchmark for Chicago for over 100 years and played an important role for many major events within this historic city. During prohibition they began brewing root beer which they continued to serve after they obtained liquor license #1 at the repeal of prohibition.

In 2006 the old tavern finally closed its doors for good. And thus I had believed the story ended. During my short layover I learned that the Berghoff Family reopened the basement cafe of the old tavern where they continue to serve the root beer along with lots of tasty lunch fare. Soon after they also re-opened the original tavern along with the airport location which I discovered in person. So once again Chicago is flowing well with fresh root beer.

With plenty of Berghoff Root Beer on hand Chicago quickly became " My Kinda Town"!!!! Too bad the layover didn't last longer.....

check out the Berghoff:


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