Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A-Treat Rootbeer Review (Quite A Treat Actually)

I received this can from brother Adam. As for most people that enjoy root beer a bottle is superior to an aluminum can any day. To this brew, I can say it was quite enjoyable out of a can. It reminded me much of our standard A&W out of a can. The flavor I noticed the most was a black licorice flavor and was more overpowering than the others. It was a nice surprise for me personally. I’m not a big fan of black licorice but it was appropriate for this root beer. The color was typical “brown” and the aroma was similar to the average root beer. It was very smooth for me with the light carbonation. I drank the last half of the brew in just a few seconds with no burn at all. For me I have to give this brew Three Frosty Mugs. Points reduced for a can and for the high fructose syrup instead of real sugar. I’d say that A-Treat of Allentown, PA should be proud of this brew. I’d definitely buy some for my fridge!


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Joe said...

I just had a can of this with Mike a few weeks ago. Got to say, it's hard to remember much as it was maybe the 13th or 14th brew we tried that day. But I do remember the licorice flavor. Sharp and pleasant.