Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Charles Hires to Celebrate 160th Birthday.... notes about the Father of Root Beer

On August 19th we will celebrate the 160th birthday of root beer's beloved Charles E. Hires, the Philadelphia Pharmacist turned soft drink icon. At age 25 he began selling his root beer powdered concentrate from his Philly drug store, in small pouches, for a quarter. The concentrate would brew up 5 gallons of Hires Root Beer but despite this value, the initial response was dismal. He was encouraged to present his new product in the 1st Worlds Fair located right in his own city of Philadelphia. The rest became history as Charles and his root beer established their place in Americana forever!!

As we remember the Father of Root Beer might we at RBB suggest that you take some time to extend a proper salute. Grab your favorite brew, pop that top, and drink to the foam!!!! We are certain that this is how Hires would like it, American's drinking root beer all across the country!!!!

Happy Birthday Charles!!!!

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