Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Natural Brew: Revisited at Capitol KOA Campground

When "Team Natural Brew" contacted me a couple months ago and asked if I would provide a "fresh review" for their all natural root beer I was honored! I remember when Jeff and I first visited this brew when I found it in the health food section of thelocal grocery store. My first thoughts were not positive. As you may have discovered from my reviews I unlike many of my Brothers, am not very concerned with issues of health. I like a root beer to taste GOOD... period!!! I certainly can appreciate efforts to use natural ingredients but this should never compromise taste!! So as you can imagine my initial thoughts about an "all natural" root beer quickly fell to this concern.... the taste.

So back in July of 2007 I reviewed Natural Brew and to my utter astonishment it was GREAT!!!!!!! Check out my original review
Natural Brew Draft Root Beer: The Tree Huggin' Companion As I approached this re-review I wanted to bring something more into my experience with this fine crafted natural root beer. As I thought about it the notion that I should drink it in the woods came to mind. It just so happened that I was in the middle of planning a camping trip with my family to Washington D.C. ...... I know what you are thinking.... camping.... in DC???? It is a very long and awesome story about when I asked my amazing wife to marry me 12 years ago, we along with many friends spent Independence Day in DC and camped at the local Capitol KOA campground. So to mark our engage-aversary we wanted to return to the very same campground..... well at least I did.. my wife would have preferred the Merriott! But my wife humored me and we planned our return. So I packed along a few bottles of Natural Brew which was sent to me from "Team Natural Brew" out in California along with a couple cans of the Standard and we headed out for the campground.

As I remembered, the campground was a very relaxing, outdoorsy, environment, lots of quiet, in amongst the whispering Maryland trees. They had a very modern and fun playground for the kids, an in-ground pool, an oversized chess game, a ping pong table, and the typical KOA A-frame camp office/store. The staff were all dressed in their bright yellow polo shirts and were as warm and friendly as I had remembered. This my friends was the perfect setting to re-visit Natural Brew!

There is a very certain difference between the standard and Natural Brew Draft Root Beer... besides the ingredients. As I mentioned I am not one to point out all the healthy frills, but yes Natural Brew has them all. Cane juice, various roots and oils, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives..... blah blah blah :) I am camping after all .... lets not over do it!! Clearly these guys wanted to brew up some natural root beer.... they named it Natural Brew... how obvious could their efforts be? The differences that I am most interested in however is in the taste.

As I sat on the damp moss covered picnic table at my campsite and sampled back and forth from the dark amber bottle to the wooden keg looking can that sat in front of me my heart grew light and my tongue danced like it was celebrating in a harvest festival. The standard carries a very distinct yet singular flavor of creamy root beer goodness. Natural Brew however delivers a cornucopia of flavors, each very unique, distinguishable, and some how perfectly blended to create a creamy wonderland of root beer meadows. It is very difficult to fully explain the multi-flavor experience found in this 12 oz bottle but my taste buds absolutely felt synchronicity with my environment. My mind felt at ease as my belly filled with this dynamic root beer that was micro-crafted to perfection with a campfire in mind and hotdogs warming on the end of a stick.

This Brew is lightly carbonated, full bodied, delivers a moderate head, and packs a perfect portion of sweetness. This root beer goes down so smooth that for me one bottle was not enough. It seemed to be gone way too fast. As I happily popped the top of the second bottle I remembered that in my first review I had compared this root beer to the stout root beer Moxie. And in so many ways I realized that this Brew is also a "stout" root beer. It has a flavor that the faint of heart may shy away from. The fact of the matter is that with all that flavor, with all those distinct and profound roots and oils, this root beer may be on the lower end of the "stout" brews but none the less Natural Brew IS a STOUT ROOT BEER!!!!

The thing about stout brew that many do not understand is that it is all about the deep and memorable flavor. When you think of dark chocolate you think of a distinct and profound flavor. That is the nature of a stout, profound and distinct, for better or worse. Those who have drank Moxie know what I am talking about, they either love it or they hate it! The same results I expect will also come of this stout root beer. You will either love it or you will hate it..... I Love It!!! As in my previous post I grant this "stout" Natural Brew 4 Frosty Mugs..... even if it is for the health nuts!!


check out Natural Brew Draft Root Beer at: http://www.natural-brew.com/products/draft_root_beer

Check out Capitol KOA Campground at: http://www.capitolkoa.com/

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