Thursday, August 25, 2011

AJ Stephans Root Beer. A Full Head of Brew!

I just finished mowing my ditch which I loathe. I was hot and wanted some cool brew in a frost mug for relief. I found it. A cool, unopened bottle of AJ Stephans Root beer begging for a review. I had beside it one of my favorites, A&W with the new Captain America promo can. The only bad thing I can say about this brew is the twist top was on so tight that it took me nearly 30 seconds of twisting my skin off, then tugging on my shirt to the point of ripping. Finally when I was about to get my bottle opener it finally came loose. Man I was thirsty so this brew better be worth the effort. It was!

The aroma was light on the extract. I poured it into my frosty mug and found a seriously heavy head. (See pictures). To top it off the head lasted all the way through the brew and as you can see, it settled into my mug when all gone. The flavor was pleasant and since it’s made with Pure Cane Sugar, as shown on the bottle, I expected a smooth sweetness. Not as sweet at A&W but just right. The color was as normal root beer. The carbonation was light even with the foamy head. Once the foam settled this was a good chuggin’ brew with virtually no burn goin’ down. I would definitely have this brew in my fridge at all times, but since it’s from Boston, and the price goes about $2.50 a bottle online, I won’t be having this on hand unless another freebie came along. If I lived in Boston, it would be a definite!
From what I can tell AJ Stephans is known for their Ginger Beer. I’d like to try that sometime. They even have recipes on their website. AJ Stephans says they are New England’s best Tonic. I believe it so far. This brew rates 4.5 frosty mugs in my opinion. I took points off for the twist cap that ripped the skin off my fingers. If that doesn’t count, I give it 5 frosty mugs. A must try for the root beer lover! ~ Marc

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