Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store: where root beer is always in style

In the small town 0f Lebanon, Tennessee back in 1969 a guy by the name of Dan Evins had a belief that if you provided people a comfortable place to eat and visit along the new interstate highway system that they would stop in... even in a small town. His very first Cracker Barrel was so successful that it didn't take long before he started looking further down that interstate system for additional locations.

One aspect of this "down home" country restaurant that distinguishes it from others is the country atmosphere that you step into when you first arrive. We may joke at times about how people use to sit on their front porch and talk or watch the cars drive bye.... here at Cracker Barrel that is exactly what people do.... today and everyday. They are known for their fine crafted rocking chairs that line the front porch of each location. They encourage people to sit, rock, and relax.... and maybe even play a game of checkers.

When you first walk into the "country store" you literally enter a country store that is fully stocked with old time crafts, food, and much more. If you continue through the store you will eventually find your way to the restaurant that provides a full menu of country style American food, each selection just as delicious as the others.

Now this is the thing that grabbed my attention... they have root beer... on ice..... in an old time ice cooler... just like in the old days!!! They proudly serve Stewart's along with many other old time bottled soda selections. All chilled on ice!!

How cool is it to order chicken and dumplings and a root beer and not have to specify that you would like it in a bottle.... VERY COOL!!!! While you enjoy your root beer the fun keeps on going as there are little games on your table to challenge your family and friends.... my favorite is the little peg game which asserts that it can measure your intelligence based on how many pegs are left on the board when you are done......

The decor is one aspect of this place you don't want to
overlook.... not that you would be able to!!! they have old golf clubs, washing boards, tin signs, and who knows what else all perfectly displayed on the walls and hanging from the rafters throughout the place. In a very strange way it is like your in a barn, at a yard sale, and in and old farm house.... all at once!!!!!

The Country Store is certainly worth talking some time to look around. Although you will find lots of clothes, games, toys, food, and lots more.... I was most interested in the root beer.... yes... they have lots of root beer products.

I discovered root beer candy sticks, root beer flavored jelly beans, brew flavored hard candy, and they are even selling Dad's Root Beer in a variety box with other old time soda pop.

Might I suggest that if you ever find yourself tired and in the mood for down home cooking and a place to relax..... stop in, grab a bottle of Stewart's, rock awhile, and eat a meal even Mom would be proud of....


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