Monday, August 8, 2011

Diet IBC Rotbeer. Yeah, you read that right!

Okay look, the fact that I even drank this is bad enough. Writing about it, I have wasted more time already than I care too. Here is the low down:
My mother in law had it. I took a drink. I couldn't believe that something could taste so poorly. I took another. Now I am a believer. The ingredients list alone should steer you away. It doesn't taste like Rootbeer. They should have just filled the brown bottle with tap water instead of wasting it. If you are at a party and someone offers this to you. Decline. Quickly. Tell them you are fine just swallowing your own spit. It is more refreshing anyway. Sorry I wasted your time. I guess I was just paying it forward like IBC did. I have included a picture as a warning. As free advice to IBC and diabetics everywhere: Stick to the sugar (even if it is HFCS) there is NO WAY This is better for you!
As for the frosty mugs go, I refuse.


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