Monday, August 29, 2011

Gale's: A far better woman to spend an evening with than that Irene chick!

As one of our brothers was preparing to spend an evening with Irene, I, the smarter and better looking brother, was settling down for an evening with a lovely lady named Gale. Previously held notions of my intelligence were reconfirmed. It seems selection of women can be added to my list of expertise.

Gale's is a wonderful brew with very distinct differences that make it the drink of choice for a long cold evening especially in a storm. Adam would have enjoyed the contrast of Cinnamon and Ginger to the blustery weather he found outside in Philly.

An almost instant aroma tantalized its way out of the bottle and into the air. I could tell that this would be good. I actually longed for a wintry day or even a rain storm so I could light the fire and enjoy sipping this while quietly reading with trusty Fido at my feet.

I enjoyed the blend of cinnamon and ginger as it tasted warm going down yet cool on the tongue. I kept going back and forth between it and the standard "ala Adam" just to get refreshed by the subtly spicy taste of this credit to artisan RootBeers.

The final word:
If you like mulled cider or anything like that ( which I do not neccesarily care for, Gale's is your brew! I would love to have some Gale's again, but I think I will wait to have this one when It is colder outside and I can enjoy it inside. this may become a hayride tradition around the RootBeer family homestead!

I gladly give this one 4 Frosty Mugs. 3 for being at least as good as the standard and the other one is for pure originality and its unique qualities!


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