Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Root Beer Saloon to host the Root Beer Festival

Yet another year passes and us Brothers are unable to attend the root beer event of the year!!! We discovered the Root Beer Saloon online back in 2007 and have ever since sought to visit Alto Pass, Illinois to attend the Saloon's annual Root Beer Festival. This year the event is scheduled for August 27th & 28th and is certain to be an amazingly smooth and delicious time!

The Root Beer Saloon is as unique as the varieties of micro-brewed root beer that they proudly serve on tap. This place is filled to the rafters with very unexpected surprises such as a massive variety of mounted game, a life size statue of a root beer drinking Native American Chief, a boutique of herbs spices bath-salts & hot sauce, a menu filled with seafood meat & pasta, there is a 14 foot long python skin that covers the western style bar, a 18 pound stuffed lobster on the wall, and the best part is they serve their tap root beer in frosty mugs. They host many events throughout the year but they point out that everyday is something special at the Saloon!!

If you have the opportunity might we suggest that you saddle up and ride on out to the Root Beer Saloon to wet your whistle..... let em know the "Brothers" sent ya!!!!


The Root Beer Saloon is located at: 4 Main St. Alto Pass, Il 62905
or visit them on the web at: http://www.rootbeersaloon.com/

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