Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wild Bill's Rocky Mountain Root Beer

song of note while reviewing: the House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert

my aside:

If u haven't figured out by now, I'm the slacker of the brothers. In fact u might say, who the heck is this guy. I haven't seen any of is reviews. B-I-N-G-O. Actually let me go check on when my last full review was. . . . . April 30. . .of 2011. That’s actually not too bad in my opinion. I did co-write a site review on the Franklin Fountain, but some of you might not count that for some reason, ahem Adam.

On that trip to Philly though, Adam was very gracious as to send a bottle of root beer home with me to Texas.  Since I flew and TSA no longer allows liquids of any substantial amount (100ml) as carry-on, Adam had the bright idea of wrapping a bottle of Wild Bill and stowing it in my luggage. But did he use, bubble wrap? Nope. Packing styrofoam in a small box? Nope. He decided to tear a few styrofoam cups into pieces and wrap every thing in a gallon zip lock bag. Be very worried if he ever decides to brew some root beer. Amazingly though it did work! My luggage came back dry.

Being from Texas, by way of several other continents, I definitely was compelled to put on my working boots and kick back while tasting this brew. Shoot I even put on some good ole country music to do this Wild Bill review some justice.


In honor of Adams efforts I present to the general viewing public. . . . um 2 months later, Wild Bill’s Rocky Mountain Root Beer.

First off, I like the name. It just presents a visual instantly. What can compete with an iconic western cowboy astride on his stead? In the form of root beer, not much for me. From the jagged edges of the label with bullet holes to boot (which for me alludes to a "wanted" poster). To the silouette of the before mentioned cowboy. There's even a play on that iconic image. Instead of a revolver in the cowboy's hand there is a mug of root beer, presumably. Not much of a gun slinger this Wild Bill, but it is a winning presentation for the root beer slinger.

My only small critique would be the actual bottle. It's clear glass. Maybe I've been spoiled with the last few root beers being in brown bottles. I can understand with the color palette they have chosen for the label that a brown bottle may be too much, but I'm a little bias with the classic feel. Maybe a frosted glass bottle would be a good compromise

Onto the taste, and honestly I enjoyed it. It definitely has more of a punch to the taste buds than A&W, but I did not find it to be too sweet. Must be that pure cane sugar as advertised on their label. Straight from the bottle there was not much carbonation or foam. It is definitely a step better than our root beer standard. Wild Bill is a smooth drink with more body than A&W. My discernible taste said it was worth another bottle. Unfortunately due to Adam's stinginest, one bottle was all I was afforded for my trek back from the east coast. So I had to deal with a perturbed mini-me on my return. Wisely I witheld this information until after I was picked up from the airport :]

3.5 frosty mugs

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Real Rootbeer said...

NOT Real pure Cane Sugar in thier carts only in thier bottled soda.