Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wild Bill's Rootbeer "Yippie Kay Yay"

Here is a very good root beer.  To look at the bottle is one of my favorites as it has character.  I’m a gun fanatic and to see two simulated bullet holes, made my day!  The first thing I did was went to their website.  They bill themselves as a soda company.  After drinking this brew, they could live on this one brew by itself in my opinion.  I did find that they even go on tour with their brews.  Confidence is good!
Got my mug out, twisted the top to find that little to no pressure release with the top coming off.  I thought that this must not be a very carbonated brew.  Those are my favorite.  To my surprise it had a nice bit of carbonation.  The head quickly dispersed in my mug, which I like.  The aroma was typical.  The flavor was very good and quite reminiscent of our standard A&W.  They advertise on their bottle that they use pure cane sugar.  It’s sweetness was good.  No overbearing flavors.  This brew has a balanced mix of traditional root beer flavor and sugar.  The color is traditional “brown”.  This is a brew I would keep in the fridge but at $25 for a 15 pack is a bit steep.  I will say that as a privately owned brewery and a premium root beer it’s worth the extra. 
I give this brew 4 Frosty Mugs.  Points off for not being unique in flavor but added points for the cool glass bottle and label.

~ Marc

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