Sunday, August 21, 2011

Will You Get Your Kicks With Route 66?

As a DJ I have to give some kudos for their slogan. Get your kicks on Route 66 from Nat King Cole is how it goes but this brew touts “Get Your Kicks With Route 66 Beer”. With that slogan it has to be a great American root beer.
This brew as most of those I have to review were brought to me by Brother Adam. I may find myself having less to review in the future as Brother Adam is moving out west into the vast desert area of Nevada. He better keep more on hand with all that dry heat.
As far as keeping on hand, I would say this brew is a must have. It has a light smell and flavor of extract compared to A&W. It’s a much smoother brew with light head and light carbonation. All positives for me. A good “chuggin’” brew. It’s use of real cane sugar makes this particular brew very sweet. Many like that but many won’t. I prefer a sweet brew. I like the bottle design as well as the labeling. For those of you that want a caffeine free brew, it is. A great late night treat.
Ok, to the rating. On our scale of ½ frosty mug to 5 frosty mugs, I give this brew a 4.5 frosty mugs. I gave a ½ mug off for the “too light” extract flavoring. However, a great brew that I would definitely enjoy having in the fridge.


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