Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oogave Review (Ooooo No More Please!)

My wife was complaining tonight that there’s too much rootbeer in the fridge and that I needed to get a review done or else!  Did you all notice?  I have a new mug.  It was also an anniversary present from my wife.  It is football season and yes I’m a Steelers fan that lives in Ohio.  Most Ohioans are Steelers fans anyway, right?.  Anyway, I have so much root beer to choose from and I saw this interesting looking bottle called oogave.  I remember that our younger brother Joe just recently did a review on it.  He gave it a pretty harsh review so I had to see what I thought about it.
I’d have to say he nailed it!

In my opinion, there was just a hint of root beer extract with what I call a Nutra-Sweet like sweetener that left an aftertaste.  Compared to the A&W sitting beside it, there is no comparison on the flavor or sweetness.  Kudos to the brewer for making it “good or you”.  98 Calories, no sodium, no cholesterol, no fat and no protein.  All that means to me is “No taste”.  Now if you’re into a healthier drink and want a root beer that tastes like “less than root beer”, OOGAVE is the drink for you.  The color was good but on the light side of the usual brown.  The bottle was a plus and simple design was nice.  All in all the drink went down with no problem but I don’t think you’ll find this brew in fridge if you visit.
I give it a 1.5 Frosty Mugs.  Points added for the bottle and the fact that it was beside a Steelers mug that allowed me to drink the brew even when I didn’t really want to.  Sorry “oogave”, keep the product in a health food store.


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