Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Root Beer Floats are Twice as Good at the Twins Days Festival

For the last three Summers I have found myself taking the very long drive to north-eastern Ohio where every year the largest gathering of Twins occurs. This small town of 17,000 people, appropriately named "Twinsburg", is literally invaded and ultimately overrun by around 2000 sets of Twins each year. I had never heard of this annual gathering until the birth of my twins back in 2008. My wonderful wife , who had wanted twins ever since we were married, enlightened me to the Twins Festival the Summer after our Twins birth. From our first visit I realized that our trek to Twinsburg would be an annual tradition.

This year our annual trek just happened to land on another very special occasion..... at least special for a Rootbeer Brother. It was August 6th also known as National Root Beer Float Day!!!! So as we made our way through the festivities I was very ecstatic to discover a food vendor soliciting Root Beer Floats. I had to grab 3, one for me and one for my Twins...

As I began to order I quickly recognized a root beer brand that I had not seen since childhood.... it was Ramblin' Root Beer!!! Now the fact of the matter is that Ramblin' disappeared from Coca-Cola's list of brands when they acquired the far more well known "Barq's" brand. This all happened around 1995. So I asked the guy what was up with the Ramblin' Root Beer and he just laughed. He explained that Coke wouldn't give him a new sticker for his fountain when they switched to Barq's and so he never changed it.

All the same me and my Twins, along with many other Twins, enjoyed some very cold and creamy root beer floats on National Root Beer Float Day in a small town in north-eastern Ohio. And in a very strange way these floats seemed to taste Twice as Good!!!


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