Monday, October 31, 2011

A&W: The Official Root Beer of Halloween

Although the celebration and superstitions that surround Halloween began long before 1919 when A&W first hit the root beer market in Lodi, California we know one thing for sure, A&W was the first beverage to fully embrace it. Coca-Cola claimed Christmas very early on and so why not grab what was left? A&W tagged along with the root beer guzzling dog named Snoopy and his Peanuts Pals and claimed Halloween. After all many family Halloween traditions often include home made root beer. So over the years they have celebrated this ancient holiday in a variety of ways. Most recently they have introduced each Halloween Season with a new monster can.

Each year it is a suspenseful surprise when the annual can is released. Over the years they have used images from the Munsters (a classic television show), images of spooky scenes, and most recently costumed like monsters. So with all this said we highly recommend that you grab some cans of the festive standard and make this creepy night complete.


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Mike said...

Wow! that's a really nice Herman monster can. Looks eerily similar to mine in my Monsters Review. And hey, I think I recognize that other A&W can as well... 2011 Halloween Review