Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vampires Love Root Beer almost as much as Blood!!!! Breaking Dawn Releases in Theaters

Tonight as some of us Brothers (okay maybe only me) prepare to enjoy the Midnight Release of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt.1" my mind reflects back on that photo I obtained of Edward Cullen and his bottle of root beer. Not just any root beer mind you, that is a bottle of Stewart's. As the time has flown since my sweetheart and I enjoyed our 10th Wedding Anniversary on the very night of the Midnight Release of "New Moon" and I originally posted our rare photo of the vamp ( original post click here to see it "Edward Cullen Loves Root Beer!" ) I have gained new information about the vampire's love of root beer.

The fact of the matter is blood is thick and not as great tasting as they portray in the movie. In fact all those references of going to the woods to suck blood from deer is mostly a falsehood. No those "vegetarian" and even non-vegetarian vampires all sneak off to vintage Stewart's Root Beer Stands and feel right at home. They may grab a deer or bear along the way.... or a human sure,.... but they wash all that blood down with Stewart's. Now here is the real twist to this crazy aspect of Vampirism. Why Stewart's..... not sure but that is the brand and only brand for Vamps.... I am thinking that secret recipe that Frank Stewart developed back in the 1920's was meant to appeal to a much broader audience than just us humans. So the twist is why Kristen Stewart, as an heir to the Frank Stewart legacy, she has been raised on that yummy root beer her whole life. These vamps are not acting when they lick their chops around Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) nope she smells like Stewart's Root Beer, that stuff is just saturated in her veins!!!! That would be like having a root beer float.... if you know what I mean... two very yummy ingredients all mixed into one!!!!! Yup there is a reason why all vampires are truly attracted to Bella :)

Enjoy the show my root beer loving Twihards!!!! Bring a Stewart's...... that will make any vampires attending very happy!!!!!!


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