Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 - A Rootbeer Look Ahead

As we ring out 2011 all of us Brothers wish to extend our Full Frosty Mug of thanks to our many fans who have made this our best year yet!!  The response we have received this year from all of you has made what we do here as much fun as it tasted like :)  As we look forward to 2012 we are very excited about the many root beer reviews that are ahead of us.  We look forward to bringing you more facebook contests and we are especially excited about the brewery tours we plan to
attend. We have very high aspirations of moving forward with our YouTube channel and bringing some added antics to all the fun here.

On top of all of this the World of root beer is also going to bring some very exciting happenings.  To begin with the comedy short "I Am Root Beer" is set to hit the screen.  This film is something us Brothers and most of our fans will easily relate to..... a guy wants to be nothing more than a bottle of root beer..... This film is sponsored by our friends at Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Co. and is certain to be a HUGE HIT!!!!!  check out the official movie site

Another full flavored surprise coming in 2012 is the All New flavor of gum by the people at Extra Desert Delights who after hosting a popularity vote to decide their next flavor has identified that Root Beer Float WON by a landslide!!!!!  With 662,811 facebook fan votes this new flavor will hit your mugs this Summer!!!!  We wish to thank all who voted :)

The greatest Celebration in 2012 (after the Ball Drop of course) is sure to be the 75th Anniversary of the beloved Dad's Root Beer.  To kick off the party right the folks at Dad's will be issuing this classic draft style brew in very vintage cans.... look for these in a soda aisle near you as these should be hitting the shelves very soon!!!!

2011 has been a tough year, no doubt, but for so many reasons we at RBB are looking forward to 2012 with a very hopeful heart and a full mug of root beer!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!  Bring on some more Root Beer, 2012 Has Arrived!!!!!!

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