Saturday, December 10, 2011

Move Over Egg Nog - Time for Julmust the Christmas Root Beer

In Sweden the holidays are spent in similar activities as here in America.  Lots of decorations, holiday music, lighted pine trees, gifts, family gatherings, and of course focusing on the reason for the season... the birth of Jesus Christ.  Unlike America however, the Swedes pass on the egg nog.  Instead they pop-a-top of their very own version of root beer which they call Julmust.  Although they may not enjoy root beer throughout the year they make up for it by setting it apart as the official beverage of the Holiday Season.

The name Jul-Must is a combination of Swedish words meaning "Christmas-Juice" however NO JUICE here!! Not to worry because there are many other awesome ingredients like hops and malt.... sorta sounds like the "other" beer doesn't it? No Alcohol though so no concerns about unintentional wild holiday parties.

Julmust is not an easy brew to find in Sweden until the holidays roll around.  Think about it, have you ever seen egg nog on Independence Day?  But this stuff outsells Coke during the Christmas season.  In America Julmust is simply not easy to find at any time of the year, holidays included.  But have no fear there is one place you might actually find it, at least during this holiday season!!!  Look no further than your nearest Ikea.... think about it.... yup of course Ikea the Swedish furniture store would celebrate the holidays Swede style!!!

Merry Christmas and have a Julmust Holidays :)

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