Monday, December 5, 2011

Saranac Root Beer - A Gift From the Adirondacks

In New York there is a state park that is the Grand Daddy of all state parks.  The park boasts 46 mountains with many that peak beyond 4,000 feet elevations, 2,800 lakes and ponds, 30,000 miles of streams, and offers some of the best hiking, camping, and paddling found in the country.  This park is known as Adirondack State Park!!!!  From this pristine outdoorsman paradise flows the water that is used at Matt Brewing Company located in Utica, NY.  Since 1888 the Matt family has been brewing their fine crafted beverages using this wonderful gift from the Adirondacks. They named  it Saranac after a word within the language of the local Native American Iroquois Tribe which means "cluster of stars".
Mike and I first came across Saranac in the Summer of 2010 when we were visiting Palmyra, NY for the annual Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Mike fell in love at first swig ..... or maybe lust.... and ultimately decided to take Saranac to the prom (see Mike's post - click here  Saranac - Updated) I have contemplated my relationship with this Adirondack offspring for sometime now.  After much consideration I have decided to not take this brew to the prom.... but it would certainly make a nice blind date :)

To begin with you will notice the image of the tall frosty mug of Saranac Root Beer on the neck label which includes overflowing foam.... this is 100% accurate!!!!  The reality is they could have taken their time capturing that photo.  This head is very long lasting and thick.  The brew was dark, much darker than the Standard but carried a very similar sweet aroma.  This brew delivered a very subtle bite, not one that will burn your tongue but one that might nibble your lip, just to let you know its there.  The brew is sweet, creamy, and smooth delivering a subtle root beer flavor that would perfectly compliment most meals.  The downside from my perspective is that I am Dark Chocolate kinda guy.  I like milk chocolate, it is certainly creamy and smooth, but when compared to Dark Chocolate it pails in comparison.  This brew has all the makings of a Dark, or Stout, root beer... well all but the full bodied flavor.

Like I said Saranac may not be my prom date but this brew is fun, easy going, and very sweet, exactly what a blind date should be.... certainly better than the standard, worth catching some dinner with but not the girl that would meet your parents :)  I offer 3.5 Frosty Mugs for this fun date!!!


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