Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bundaberg Root Beer Review

Here is a root beer that intrigued me from start to finish.  The bottle is cool, the “pop top” is cool and the flavor is unique.  This brew comes all the way from Australia.  I did some research at before this review.  This is a family owned business.  They are famous for their Ginger Beer.  They use a five step process for their success.  After tasting their brew they are doing something right.

They tout premium natural ingredients and an old school approach to making root beer.  They tag their brew as distinctive bold taste of yesteryear.  When I pulled the top there was a familiar aroma of my favorite brew.  I took my first swig and right away I could taste the distinctive uniqueness.  There was a citrus like sour bite that boasted me to drink more.  It was a good “chuggable” brew with a good but light carbonation.  The bite grew more distinctive.  I believe this would be a game changer for people that demand a domestic flavor.  Me personally, I really enjoyed it.  I bet many of you may not prefer it.

On to the scoring.  The bottle was really neat, the color was typical and no artificial colors, all natural ingredients, good and very unique flavor, chuggable and Australian.  Overall just fun to drink.  I give this brew a good 4 frosty mugs.  Points reduced for the citric bite which I enjoyed but since I review for all walks of life, I’m sure not all would like the flavor.   If you happen to run upon this brew, try it.  I bet you won’t find this very easily.

~ Marc

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Root Beer Tapper makes Big Screen Debut

In 1983 the hit arcade game "Tapper" featuring a blatant logo of Budweiser was intended to be sold primarily to bars but was often found in arcade rooms across the country. It wasn't long before parents began to question why Budweiser sponsored products were being marketed to children. In response the following year "Root Beer Tapper" was released which had the distinct appearance and game process as the original but with a key difference, the Bud logo was now replaced with the word "Root Beer". Since 1984 kids of all ages have enjoyed pouring fresh digital root beer to thirsty patrons in hopes to score high in accuracy. The "Root Beer Tapper" has been included in many retro game systems over the last 25+ years but this year marks a huge milestone for the game. The Disney release of "Wreck It Ralph" reintroduced the tap master himself serving up brew for thirsty digital patrons. Where else would thirsty, somewhat depressed, game characters go to wet their whistle than the Root Beer Tapper game? We extend our thanks to Disney for casting the Tapper in such a great film!!!! RBB proclaims "Wreck It Ralph" as the official Root Beer Animated Movie of The Year!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Japanese Vanilla Bees: Old Town Root Beer

I begin with a RANT "if you take the time to bottle root beer and print your web address on the label you could take the next step in maintaining your website!!!!!"  Seriously.... the label proudly lists and unless this root beer is brewed in Japan I think we have a problem......  the website is in Japanese and has no mention of our American soft drink...and another thing, I spent 4 years in Branson and I stopped in Old Town NEVER..... weird I know, a Rootbeer Brother avoiding a root beer brewer..... unless of course the Branson they mention on the label is in fact in Japan just like their website!!!!  That must be it because the only root beer I ever found in Branson, Missouri was Sioux City.... they love that stuff in Branson..... okay... I think I feel better now :)

So apparently in Branson, Japan they have Vanilla Bees.... Branson, Japan may actually be a cool place!!!  This root beer is a sublime mixture of honey and vanilla and some how integrated gracefully into a root beer base.  I am not a huge fan of honey sweetened brew but this a unique twist that had me reconsidering my opinion.  The brew is lightly carbonated with consistent head, the color is moderate and delivers a subtle bite finish.  In many ways I wished I could get some Japanese Vanilla Bees to make some breakfast syrup for my waffles but I am not as thrilled about the use of their unique sweetness in this root beer.  However, it does reach a quality equal to that of the standard.  I am a little skewed about the website issue and false advertising regarding Branson, but the brew should not beheld accountable for the crimes of its label.....  I am no fan of "guilt by association".  3 Frosty Mugs

click here to check out a non root beer website in Japan:

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rootbeer Brothers Endorse The Romney Float

As Presidential Election 2012 comes down to the final hours we here at RBB find ourselves more confused on the issues than ever before!!  Not one of the candidates have mentioned Root Beer taxation... lots of discussion of taxes but none in relation to root beer.....????  So rather than sit down and spend our valuable time watching rather pointed and somewhat "in your face" political ads that certainly play a huge role in changing our minds (as if) we decided to read an article in People Magazine about Candidate Cocktail Recipes..... yes according to the article the Topaz Bar in Washington D.C. has developed drink recipes tailored specifically to the 2012 Presidential Candidates.  The recipes were intended to directly reflect aspects of each of the candidate to allow their supporters a "taste" of their greatness.... so to speak.  As you can imagine this bar, as most bars, specialize in drinks of the "other" assortment and rarely include root beer.... but not in this case!!!  In homage to Gov. Mitt Romney's religious faith and practice of not consuming alcohol, the "Romney Float" is intended to not only be alcohol free but in fact a root beer based cocktail.  Although this is no reflection of how each of the Rootbeer Brothers will cast their ballot on November 6th, we can at least all agree on the endorsement of this root beer concoction to ring in Election Day 2012!!!!

Romney Float
A non-alcoholic treat in homage to Romney's Mormon faith

• 6.5 oz. root beer (recommends Old Dominion root beer)

• fresh whipped cream
• homemade caramel drizzle (recipe below)
• coarse kosher salt
Pour the root beer over ice in a highball glass. Top with a dollop of freshly whipped heavy cream. Drizzle the homemade caramel on top. Sprinkle coarse salt over the caramel drizzle. 

Caramel Drizzle

• 2 cups sugar
• ½ cup water
• ¾ cup heavy cream
• 2 tbsp. butter
In a saucepan, add sugar and water. Cook on medium-high heat until amber-brown color. Remove from heat. Stir with a wooden spoon, pouring in ½-cup of warm heavy cream and pats of butter. Stir until the sugar dissolves and add ¼-cup of the warm heavy cream until smooth. Let it stand in a heat-proof jar and cool for one hour before use. 

We were also happy to see that our friends at Dominion were identified as the root beer of choice for the Romney Float!!!!

We at RBB wish to extend our encouragement to all our fans to not only enjoy this festive election root beer concoction this week but to also VOTE.... let your voice be heard, vote for those individuals that will best represent your interests be they root beer taxation or whatever you hold most dear...... to not vote is like buying a case of root beer and pouring it down the drain.... the biggest party foul EVER :)


The Rootbeer Brothers

To read the People article go to:,,20639573,00.html
To check out Topaz Bar go to:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Root Beer: Devil's Canyon

Ray and Adam decided to visit San Fransisco together on one of the last weekends that Adam would be in Northern Nevada.  Amongst their plans they camped in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, walked (both ways) across the Golden Gate Bridge, ate crab (2 times), had crab chowder in a sour dough bowl, ate lots of food from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, ate in China Town, ran down the most crooked street in the world (Lombard), and visited Bonita Point Lighthouse.  Although Ray contested that there was no time for root beer (you know Ray), Adam insisted that they drive 30 minutes to Belmont, CA to attend the monthly Friday Beer Night held the last Friday of each month at Devil's Canyon Brewery.  On this particular night the brewery was hosting a Halloween Costume Contest which made their visit that much more entertaining.  As you can imagine Devil's Canyon is mostly known for their "other" beer selections but recent rumors in the world of root beer has identified this as being one of the most uniquely sweetened brew in the world.
The following are the reviews conducted during their visit on October 26, 2012 :


On such a festive weekend of Halloween one can not help but get caught up in all the gore and spookiness of Halloween.  What better time is there to review a Devilish brew like Devil's Canyon?  Although A&W has always celebrated Halloween and claimed it as their own, this brew may be in a tight second place.  The brew tap handle alone speaks Halloween; an evil looking devil's tail is very fitting for such festivities.  While taking photos of the tap handle the bar keep asked what I was doing, I explained who we were and that we were conducting a review for our blog.  She was very excited and offered us Free Root Beer...... as I always say, the best tasting root beer is Free Root Beer :)

She went on to explain the unique sweetened nature of this brew.  They use three natural sweeteners which include cane sugar, California honey, and agave nectar.  I am familiar with Agave Nectar due to a friend in Philly who was a super healthy eater, this is what he would smother his whole grain waffles with in the morning.  At first I couldn't decided if it was the whole grain or the cactus juice (my nickname for agave nectar) that tasted so bad.  In time the whole grain and the nectar grew on me, after a year I actually began to like them both.  The one thing about cactus juice, it has a very distinct flavor that if unprepared may hit it you in the face, HARD!!!!  Sorta like Stevia does the first time you taste it.  You expect yummy sugar and instead get an earthy alternative.  As I mentioned, I have developed an appreciation for cactus juice and so I was well prepared and was very delighted to return to those memories of all natural whole food waffles and nectar.  The root beer held very minimal carbonation and nearly no foam, it was moderately dark in color, and delicately flavored.  The delicate flavor should not be confused with watered down, because this brew is flavored very well.... but in a very subtle way.  It carried a distinct natural root beer extract body with a mild sweetness that ruminates with the unique flavor of the agave nectar and finishes with only a minor after taste.  I drank my entire first glass before Ray took his first sip.... I liked this unique devil's brew.... in fact I envisioned that it would actually be more suited to be called "Angel's Brew" due to the delicate flavor and sweetness it presents.  This was well worth the drive and I was glad we came...... 3.5 Frosty Mugs     

Yes I contested, why leave San Francisco for root beer?  We arrive, walk through an industrial park, and far in the back we find a brewery.  This should be good.  I expected more from my first root beer brewery tour, more pizazz, a little something, it's just not there.  It is just root beer after all. 

First impression, flat. Too flat.  Dull, lacked anything I would expect from a micro brew.  More carbonation might have helped but without it I experienced great difficulty finishing my first (only) glass.  Never did finish it in fact, kept it for a day, poured it out at the camp ground.  Speaking of the glass that I now have to pack for the plane and take all the way to Texas, wondering Why?  This was not worth the drive, no surprise.  Devil's Canyon was like other micro brewers of the "other" beer I have visited.  Small following of locals, small operation, lots of heart.  The one saving grace for this Devil, the intense fire jet heater that brought me much more satisfaction than the root beer.  Now that this is over its Back to the Bay :] 
2 Frosty Mugs 

We wish to extend our thanks to the bar keep who welcomed us so warmly (as the devil usually does) and for the very fun on site review.

to learn more about Devil's Canyon Root Beer go to:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Australian Root Beer: Bundaberg

If you ever find yourself on "walk-about" or in "the bush" you may be in for a real treat.  Bundaberg Root Beer promises an "authentic taste of yesteryear" and they easily deliver on that promise.  Maybe "down-under" a person's word is still their bond?

I have enjoyed this imported brew for many years and recently noticed that they had changed their bottles.  Once a large-mouth long-necked bottle Bundaberg is now served in quaint 12.7 oz stubby bottles with a pull-top cap.  This is the only pull-top capped root beer I have ever seen and so that alone was a very awesome characteristic.   The fact that it tastes unbelievably good takes this brew to even greater heights!!!

As I enjoyed the sassafras real sugary goodness of this stout root beer I could not wrap my mind around the fact that it is an import!!!  How was something so true to genuine vintage root beer made in the land of kangaroos????  The fact of the matter is they must have known that if the Aussies were going to like it would have to be good, Very Good!!   Using the old time approach with flavorings like molasses and licorice with just a dash of vanilla they achieved root beer greatness!!  So do I like this root beer.... lets just say I now have yet another reason to visit Australia!!! (as if I need another)

This is an  import that I gladly call a Root Beer...... yes we American's may have invented it but it appears those Australian's have duplicated our efforts and found the perfect recipe to extend their unique approach to our beloved soft drink.  I should note that some of our fans may turn their nose up to Bundagerg Root Beer, the same fans that "Got No Moxie" (that don't like Moxie)... these are stouts brews.... they have a certain earthy taste to them...... bitter-sweet....... full flavored...... these are not drinks you have a dinner party.... these are brews you slam after working a 10 hour shift at the lumber yard..... hard work kind of root beer.... if this doesn't sound like your kind of life.... you may want to stay away from the stout root beer..... but if hard work is something you do with your back..... may we introduce you to the Brew For You!!!!!'s Aussie for Root Beer!!!!
4 Frosty "Aussie" Mugs

check out Bundaberg Root Beer:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential Debate Root Beer Review! HANKS!

Tonight is the first presidential debate between Obama and Romney.  What better way to celebrate than by reviewing a root beer.  Since it’s a presidential debate I chose an all American root beer from our founding father’s location of Philadelphia, PA.  Hank’s Gourmet Root Beer it is!
Hank’s root beer was first introduced in 1996.  I’ve done several reviews of root beers and many brews come from companies that produce alcoholic beverages and root beers.   From what I can tell or read about, they do not.  That’s alone adds points for me.  

Philly is billed as the birthplace of root beer!  From their website this is what they say about their brew:  The flavor for Hank’s was developed from an old Philadelphia root beer recipe. Pure cane sugar and gourmet quality ingredients enhance the body, head, mouth feel, and flavor. Hank’s has created the richest, smoothest, and creamiest soda possible. A true gourmet root beer.
As I popped the top on this brew I was expecting a huge whiff of root beer aroma.  It was not fully aromatic but it was pleasant.  The color was as expected from most root beers.  It was hidden well in it’s brown bottle with very nice logo and embossed glass bottle.  Also a plus.  As I poured it had what I would call a perfect “head”, not too much, not too little.  My first taste was swishing around my palate was very nice.  It was the perfect sweetness.  Again, not too sweet but sweet enough.  The use of cane sugar may have helped here.  Traditionally my favorite brews use honey.  All in all, I really enjoyed this root beer.  My favorite part was the “chug”.  This is a definite chugging root beer.  The carbonation was also perfect. 

Hanks touts they are a gourmet brew.  I agree.  The cost of ownership is $23.99 per 12 pack.  If you love root beer and have never had it, spend the money!
Since in my opinion there is no perfect brew equaling  100% perfection I have to give one negative to not give the full score of 5 frosty mugs.  That negative is there is a slight aftertaste and lasted about ½ hours.  With that being said,  I score Hanks a 4.5 Frosty Mugs.  I believe this is the highest rating I have given to a root beer.

 I expect tonight’s debates to be interesting but they will be much better with more Hanks.  Sadly, this review took my last one.  Anyway,
Hanks a lot!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Root Biergarten at Oaktoberfest: Oakland's Diamond District

This Saturday the streets of Oakland's (CA) Historic Diamond District will be overrun with festival goers celebrating German Style. The Oakland twist of Oktoberfest includes a biergarten where many local home and micro brewers of the "other" beer will offer up their best pours.
Traditional sounds of Munich will be performed on the streets, stages, and in the Biergarten. The main Oaktoberfest Stage will also feature modern sounds from renowned area artists.
Food will be aplenty as German delicacies from Bratwurst to Strudel will be found next to other regional cuisines and street fare.
However, the Eco Fair and Kid’s area will ensure an engaging draw for families where interactive games, crafts, and displays will be featured along with steins of root beer being poured in the Root Biergarten.
If you live in the Bay Area.... This may be the fall event for you!!!!
To learn more about Oaktoberfest check out their website at

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Root Beer Decision 2012 - A&W vs. Fitz's

How can voters decide between the two root beers, one of which will not only be herald as the King of Brew, but also leader of the root beer world?
The 2012 root beer election campaign is almost over except for the debates, which are nothing more than tastes tests.  Unfortunately, obtaining accurate information on the major ingredients during the campaign has turned into a nightmare of too many preservatives and artificial flavors.
Hopefully, the pre-election list below, organized around  issues of taste and historical issues, will help by providing a series of choices that the American people need to make regarding significant issues.  When voters decide between the list options and tally them, they will arrive at the root beer candidate who best represents their individual palate and whom they should vote for on Thursday, September 20, 2012.

Incumbent - A&W 
Born in Lodi, CA in 1919
Owner of
Most widely distributed root beer in the world. 
Initial success achieved through a large chain of roadside root beer stands.
Modern success is a wide reaching restaurant chain where their brew is sold on draft in frosty mugs.
Considered "The Standard" of root beer.
Named after co-founders Roy Allen & Frank Wright.
Number of Facebook Fans: over 150,000

Candidate - Fitz's
Born in St Louis, MO in 1947
Owner of a vintage 1940's bottling line that was restored and used daily.
One of the most widely known micro-brewed root beer.
Initial success achieved through a single drive-inn hamburger stand.
Modern success is a casual dining restaurant where the bottling line can be observed while eating.
Considered a "Premium" brew.
Named after...unknown ... unable to produce historical documentation.
Number of Facebook Fans: just over 6,000

You Decide.... check out our Facebook Fan page to cast your vote!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Refreshment to the Next Level: HEB Old Fashioned Root Beer

When I first visited Brother Ray in southern Texas he introduced me to H-E-B!!!! To most of us one grocery store is just as good as the other however, those people obviously do not take their retail experience seriously.... I DO!!!
HEB proved to be, by far, the best grocery store I have ever had the fortune to shop at.... from the fresh produce, the amazing chocolate milk, the 5 pound bags of crawling crayfish, to the nice lady demonstrating how easy it is to perfectly prepare a New York Strip, the all inclusive experience was surreal...... While there I looked for new brew, as I always do. At the time the only store brand they offered was Hill Country Fare.... which proved to be a credit among store brands but a store brand all the same.
On a not so recent visit Ray brought me a bottle of their new store brand.... He teased me first with photographing it and posting it on our fan page. Finally I sat down to indulge in what I expected to be the best store brand brew found within the world of root beer. What I didn't expect was the shower of refreshment that I bathed in while slowly sipping from what can only be described as a Gourmet Brew.
From rags to riches.... This so called store brand is so creamy, full flavored, and perfectly cane sweetened that it easily reigns among the greats of root beer. The bottle alone is a masterpiece, singular in appearance, vintage in style, and ushers in the perception of true craftsmanship. The flavor holds true to the description of being "old fashioned" as it presents with a deep root beer extract followed by a vanilla rinse and then towel dried by a moderately sweetened finish.
Among the greats of root beer only few have achieved the magnitude of gourmet, HEB Old Fashioned Root Beer joins those ranks.... This is the moment when a brew moves from the ranks of ordinary to exemplary .... This brew states that it was made with "pride and care".... essential ingredients for brew worthy of 5 Frosty Mugs!!!!
They say everything is Bigger in Texas.... maybe it's Better as well??

Friday, August 17, 2012

Zevia Ginger Root Beer: Brew for the Dinosaurs

When I was a child my grandmother would drag me to these natural food conventions about every six months. I was not a big fan of the natural food as much as I was a fan of my grandmother. I figured gagging down bland whole grain baked goods was well worth spending an entire weekend with my Gram. I had all but forgotten the many things I passively learned back in those days when one of those memories were sparked by this can of Zevia brew. The primary sweetener in Zevia is Stevia and they claim it is a botanical sweetener which has been used for hundreds of years. I can at least vouch for the last 20 years. Stevia was presented at one of those conventions when I was a kid. The reason why I remember it so well is because it was being "marketed" as a facial cleanser but the presenter explained that the FDA refused to approve it for human consumption so this was the only way they could sell it.... I wasn't convinced! However, as usual my Gram found a way to get me to try this "facial cleanser" by using it to sweeten some herbal tea. I was surprised that it actually tasted good, very unique, not at all like cane sugar, but sweet and good.
I was very pleased to see that after all these years Stevia had finally gained acceptance and was now being used in many ways, including sweetening root beer. I am not certain if Zevia was the first to use it but it is certainly not the only brand of Stevia sweetened brew. I held very high expectations that this natural botanically sweetened root beer would take me back to that herbal tea that Gram insisted I try..... instead it took me back to the days of the dinosaurs.....
To begin with this brew just starts out weird.... It's not "root beer" it's "ginger" root beer.... Not sure why they call it that because the Stevia is far too strong to taste much else. If there is some ginger in there it wasn't worth mentioning. But then it displays all sorts of strange things on the can... Like a green leaf which I assume is a Stevia leaf but it just as well could be an acacia leaf.... or any other leaf... but in bold letters it says "All Natural Soda" and in 3 other places it also mentions "natural"..... How natural can you this case they may have went Caveman Natural!!!
Back in the days of the caveman we were happy with what we got.... If we found berries we ate them... If we caught some fish we ate them.... If we killed a dinosaur we at it.... Life was what we now call "hand to mouth"... At some point we began to expect a little more.... Flavor became something that we perfected...... We identified the very best ways to prepare our food... and we even began to brew root beer (thank you Charles Hires). But had the cavemen (and cavewomen) brewed root beer they would have had to use whatever they had readily available. Spring water...... Herbs, spices, etc... When it came to the sweetener they would have also had to rely on what they had.... Stevia may have fit the bill. But here we are... Thousands of years later..... Why digress?
Stevia carries a very distinct flavor that is about as far from root beer as Ohio is from the ocean..... I ask again why digress? Cane sugar is our friend especially when it comes to root beer..... even HFCS is our friend..... Stevia should be left as an herbal tea sweetener..... or maybe even a facial cleanser...... Zevia is probably a good root beer before they add the Stevia... but after the Stevia it morphs into a bitter sweet earthy sensation which although captivates you like a car crash on the side of the road it ultimately leaves you wishing you had not looked to begin with; especially when those images haunt you at night.
This brew is better left to the cavemen,cavewomen, and the dinosaurs.... I rate it a 1.5 Frosty Mugs simply because of the nice memories it sparked about my Gram and those natural food conventions.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rootbeer Buddy Celebration from WaWa!

I just recently got word from my root beer brother Adam that he was moving back to Ohio.  I though in celebration that a review was in order.  I closed my eyes and reached back and felt for the frosty goodness I was craving.
To my disappointment I grabbed a WaWa brand root beer.  The disappointment didn’t go too far as I “popped the top” there was sufficient carbonation and a nice hint of root beer aroma.  The bottle is plastic so I wasn’t expecting too much.  I was surprised, because I’m not a big fan of high fructose corn syrup as a root beer sweetener,  but it was actually a good sweet flavor.  So plastic and corn syrup works well with this brand.  I can say it tastes a lot like those little root beer candies from your local “old time shop.” 
Some history of WaWa.  Comes from WaWa, PA.  That’s all I got to say about that.

 For a store brand root beer I have to say it’s one of my favorites to date.  Did it score very high?  Ehh, not really.  Would I purposely buy this brand to relieve my craving for a frosty brew?  I would.  If I could find it in my hometown or nearby.  All in all, I give this brew a rating of 2.5 Frosty Mugs!

So here-here, my big brother-rootbeer buddy has come home.  Welcome back to the land of milk and honey.  Even though WaWa didn’t have any.


Monday, August 6, 2012

National Root Beer Float Day: Recession Style

As America continues to experience severe downturns in every single market the inevitable impact is certain to reach the wallets of us commoners. With the recession in full swing (as indicated by record high unemployment, falling values of homes, and the flat affect of the general population) this year's National Root Beer Float Day could justifiably be dismissed. As gasoline is costing at or above $4 per gallon..... luxuries like root beer floats seem a bit selfish. However, I would encourage Americans throughout the country to find some inspiration of a brighter future by maintaining our countries most solemn traditions.... like drinking root beer floats this day and all summer long!!!!! Yes in times like these when every cent spent must be well thought out and used very wisely it may be too much to ask to celebrate this national day of root beer bliss??? But what if we could do it for less than $3?

Yes for less than $3 you can grab a half gallon of generic ice cream and a 2 liter of store brand brew and proclaim that we are stronger than this recession!!! We will get through these tough times but it is in these times when it is most important to hold on to those things that will sustain us which include reminders of what makes our country great!!!!!

I found my float ingredients for just under $3 at my local Wal-Mart.....

Happy Root Beer Float Day!!!!!


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Great Bottle Cap Magnet Drop: Summer 2012

With 2000 miles between me and my final destination I decided to take advantage of the situation. I very recently hand made another batch of our bottle cap magnets and in the past enjoyed dropping these at various locations along my many journeys. The more I thought about the many ways and places that I could leave behind a little RBB the more excited I got about this long trip ahead of me!!!! Today I arrived at my destination in Western Ohio having left originally from Northern Nevada..... All along Interstate-80 I dropped our bottle cap magnets in the various stops we made along the way. I dropped them at gas pumps, in rest rooms, on vending machines, and even in geocaches. It is my hope to extend some of this love of root beer along to as many unsuspecting people as possible...... Your welcome :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grand Teton Root Beer - Pure Mountain Brew

When the primary ingredient of a root beer is  "pure Teton mountain spring water" there are a few things you can count on without even popping the top.  It will be refreshing, flavorful, and packed with natural ingredients.  These accomplishments were easily achieved by the good people at Grand Teton Brewing Company located in the heart of the Idaho Teton mountain range.

This brewery originally specialized in the "other" beer, as is the case with a majority of brewers, but back in 2003 they threw their hat into the soda bottling arena.  They recently developed their current line of sodas identify them as "Kettled Brewed".  When I first read this I immediately pictured an old cast iron kettle sitting over a camp fire.  You know, like a witches calderon, huge and eerie looking.  But I am sure in the Tetons the kettles are less eerie and the brewers probably don't ride brooms to work, so we're good.

All the same, kettle brewed root beer just sounds better so I am sure it plays a big factor.  On top of this they flavor their pure mountain spring water with cane sugar.... following the natural theme and all.... another ingredient to note is the maltodextrin.  Mike and I have spoken about this on a few occasions and we both agree that this is a key ingredient for root beer.  Essentially, maltodextrin adds volume, or thickness if you will, and for some reason that is a good thing.  In this particular case I can validate this notion.  The maltodextrin provides a perfect additional weight to the brew which results in a "lager" presentation.  I decided that a larger was exactly what I wanted from a mountain brewery, it only makes sense.

The brew overall was great! It carried a moderate sweetness, was very dark, provided a thick dark foam, and delivered a very distinct yet naturally flavored root beer journey.  It would fall in line with most other natural brews but carried a refreshing aspect that the others neglect.  It might be that water they steal from the mountain?  This brew was intended to be chilled in a Coleman ice chest and to be consumed in the great outdoors!!!  4 Frosty Mugs


check out Grand Teton Brewing Company at:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Heat Wave's Best Cure: Live Smart Root Beer Float Ice Cream Bars

One of my awesome coworkers is doing their part to combat the sweltering heat that has landed on our great country. The National Weather Service has forecasted "dangerously hot temperatures" this weekend in a dozen states from the Midwest to mid-Atlantic. The heat index is predicted to hit 112F (44C) in some areas. So my coworker has stocked our break room fridge with some ice cream bars she purchased from the local Schwan's truck.

I was unaware that Schwan's foods produced any root beer products but to my utter amazement ...... They Do!!!

With the heat wave in full force this root beer frozen treat was just what the doctor ordered. Not only is it a perfect way to cool off during these dog days of summer but a very delicious way to enjoy yourself. The root beer ice shell carries a taste similar to that of the RBB Standard, A&W. The ice cream is creamy and carries a distinct vanilla flavor. Combined these frozen pals make for a great cure of the heat wave blues..... the best part is the Live Smart line are Schwan's low cal food options, this means not only can you enjoy a delicious cure for the heat but it will also be guilt free :)

We Brothers recognize that some of our fans are currently without electricity due to recent severe storms.... Which makes it especially difficult to gain shelter from this blistering heat. Our hearts go out to you.....


check out Schwan's foods at

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thomas Kemper Root Beer: Wild Mountain Honey

Not sure why.... but every time I pop-a-top of Thomas Kemper I immediately begin to softly hum the Steve Miller song "Wild Mountain Honey"....
It could be their bottle cap that displays a wild honey bee...
It could be the fact that Thomas Kemper proudly states that they sweeten their brew with honey...
Or.... it could be because ever swig is like taking a bite out of some wild mountain honey comb that has been soaked over night in a perfect mixture of sassafras and vanilla...... which makes me happy.... and Steve Miller songs always make me happy.

My awesome wife grabbed this bottle for me while visiting "Barrels-O-Candy" in Virginia City, NV (a future post will talk more about this awesome place) and although I have had Kemper Brew on many occasions I decided this bottle would be saved for a review.

It just so happened that I planned on heading to the mountains for some camping and knew this would be the perfect setting for this wild root beer.  I chilled it over night in a small mountain stream that is only fed by melting snow...... this is the way Thomas Kemper was meant to be chilled....

As the day began to warm the time had quickly arrived, the top was popped, the brew gave off a deep rich aroma of honey and root beer.... yes the honey was distinct from the root beer..... it is a very sweet brew but this is offset by the very stout approach Thomas Kemper has taken with the strong sassafras flavor..... the diluted honey remains but ultimately leaving only the unique honey flavor without the sweetness.... the vanilla serves as more of a chaser, very present, but no more prevalent than a caboose on a long train.... the vanilla simply pushes the root beer through the winding stream of your taste buds... similar to a winding mountain stream rolling smoothly through the rocks and trees.....  

This brew would fall within the stout category in my book, not a very heavy stout, but stout none the less.   The head was heavy, thick, long lasting, perfect for frosty mug drinking, but also good straight out the bottle......

This is a great root beer!!!!  I am not partial to honey sweetened brew.... I could take or leave it usually, I am cool with HFCS, cane sugar, stevia, whatever so long as it tastes good...... but there are a few brewers who harness the natural sweetness in honey to produce a serious root beer flavor.... Thomas Kemper is among the best at working this magic!!   4.5 Frosty Mugs

check out Thomas Kemper at

Monday, June 25, 2012

Extra Dessert Delights: Root Beer Float Gum - Summer Has Arrived

Summer 2012 has officially arrived..... at least in our book!!
Many of our facebook fans have reported sightings but it wasn't until this week that we Brothers finally located a pack of the most anticipated gum in all history....
Extra Dessert Delights Root Beer Float Gum!!!!
As you can imagine when we did find it...... we bought it all!!!!
For a mere 97 cents you too can indulge in by far the best gum we have ever enjoyed.......
We found ours in the local Wal-Mart..... certainly it is being sold elsewhere... but Wal-Mart is a sure bet..... in fact we can now finally relate to the new Wal-Mart motto...  "Live Better"  :) 
 To describe the flavor of this gum we would simply direct you to your nearest A&W Root Beer ..... liberally add it to ice cream..... drink, swish, indulge...... that is what you will get in this amazing gum!!!  It tastes just like a root beer float.... and not just your run of mill store brand brew and ice cream..... this is name brand flavor!!!   If you haven't begun your summer season yet might we suggest you get started with a piece of gum!!!  
P.S. what puzzles us.... is they accomplished this great root beer achievement without the use of sugar or HFCS...... (applauding uncontrollably) these people are geniuses!!!