Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barq's Root Beer Float Icee... the wave of the Rootbeer Future

What started as a practical innovation at a Dairy Queen soon became the future of cold soda.... the Icee story is certainly an excellent example of what "out of the bottle" thinking will get you.  A guy named Omar owned a Dairy Queen franchise but didn't have the funds to buy a soda fountain he just kept the soda in his freezer with the ice cream.  His customers thought it was pretty neat that his soda was a little icey and the rest is history.

Omar's innovation occurred back in the 1950's but it wasn't until now that his invention of the Icee was truly improved upon.... the most recent flavor addition has been Barq's Root Beer Float!!!!  This flavor has been spotted most recently in Target stores at their snack bar.  If your Target is behind the times simply ask the snack bar manager to get up to speed..... they are very responsive.... especially when root beer is involved :)  Enjoy one of the best things that happened to soda since Omar froze those bottle of pop back in the 50's.... tell em that The Rootbeer Brothers said Thank You!!!!!!

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