Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Town Root Beer Review

Ok.  Here it is January 23, 2012 in Ohio and 40 plus degrees.  What a better way to celebrate than to pop open a cold brew for a review.  I picked Old Town Root Beer.  This brew didn’t have the typical twist off cap but from my last review when I tore my skin off I knew better this time.  Anyway, this brew has been my fridge for about 6 months and was given to me by Brother Adam. 
I always try to research the brew but when I went to the website from the label it was in Chinese but definitely not a root beer website.  As I Goggled it, I found that they have a Facebook page.  They have 431 like so far.  More research I found they must have gotten a new domain.  It’s based in Temecula, CA.  The website needs some work but I’m not here to judge their site, just their root beer.
I like micro-brewed root beers better than most mass produced brews.  This one didn’t disappoint.  At first pop there was a slight pressure release and fizz.  At first pour the head was very light in my frosty mug.  The aroma was light but nice.  Cane sugar and honey is a plus in my book and the label touted both.  The flavor of the root beer came through but compared to A&W, our standard, it was much lighter in flavor, not as sweet and did have a nice bite.  I did taste the honey and vanilla.  The color was a nice dark much like A&W.  All in all this was a good brew.  I’d like to taste a fresh one just a few days old.  

I would definitely keep this in stock in my fridge.  Not sure about the price but this brew came from the World Market with a price tag that said $1.49.  Cheap in my book!  I’m going to have to give this brew a good 3.5 frosty mugs.  Good job Old Town!  Keep up the good brew!


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