Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super Chill Root Beer: not the best way to chill

I grabbed this store brand at a grocery store in Philly but I have since seen this same brand all across the country.  I approached this review with very little expectations, despite the sweet “Tron”-like looking contemporary label.  Which I must say was a little fancy pants for a generic root beer.  So I “chilled” this 2-liter and gave it the proper ado regardless of my quick stereotypical judgment.  My first impression only reinforced my bias with the presentation of very limited foam, not thick in any sense, and it quickly dissolved before my first sip.  The carbonation was moderate, typical of store brands, but fell flat in flavor.  No creaminess like the standard, very light on root beer extract, but somehow it pulled off a slight bite.  I could barely tell that I was drinking root beer until that bite which was a very needed reminder.  It was similar in darkness as the standard and it was certainly much cheaper.  But overall really not a brew that I would turn to for an economic, mass food service situation, root beer option.  Truly, it won’t make you blow chunks, but given the option between spending a few bucks on Super Chill Root Beer and serving free tap water…… I would choose the tap water. 1.5 Frosty Mugs

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