Thursday, January 5, 2012

Victory in 2012!

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Had a long day at work, got home and the wife had toilet seat in her hand and said, here change this!!  AAHHHGGGHH!  Dinner first, TV next and then the toilet task.  Job well done.  A reward for myself.  Some frosty root beer.
 This is my first review of 2012 so I chose the Victory brand to review to symbolize the victory of surviving another year and getting another year older.  I forget how old I am now.  I think 29??

Anyway, off to the review!  First of all I tried to twist this cap off for a few seconds then realized one of two things.  Either it isn’t a twist-off or I’m really a wimp!  Nonetheless, I used a bottle opener to get at the frosty goodness.  I later found out that they sell $5 bottle openers at their website.  Hmmm.  Good marketing strategy????   At first pop there was a nice carbonation “pop” as expected, the color was good and dark.  The bottle is dark brown and matches the brew color.  The first pour into my Steeler frozen, frosty mug produced a nice foamy head.  About an inch or so high and holding longer than expected.  The aroma was that of typical root beer with no surprises.  The taste was very similar to that of my A&W but with a harder bite and not as sweet.  The flavor overall was very good.  There are several root beer brewers in Pennsylvania and I think that Victory can definitely be worthy of brewing the frosty goodness in their non-alcoholic version.  Regretfully, the only thing I can find on their website about root beer was a T-Shirt for $14.  I had to dig for that.  Looks like most brewers of this kind tend to promote the “fermented” kind.  Since I don’t drink that kind I can say that I’m pleased with their root beer.  I give it 4 frosty mugs.  ½ point reduced due to the “flesh eating” top mentioned earlier.  Victory to the Victory Brewing company.

~ Marc

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