Monday, February 6, 2012

Root Beer Breakfast - Vance Gilbert & Paul Stanley

 Vance Gilbert the folk singer, Paul Stanley the lead in the rock band KISS, and the Rootbeer Brothers all have something in common...... Root Beer Breakfast!!!!!  Yes, I have written about this before and for some reason I am compelled to do so once again.  Check out my original post
So I know what your thinking, where does the "Star Child" fit in to all of this....well he have to go back..... way back to a "documentary" that Kiss put out in the early 1990's called Kiss:Exposed.  I should state ahead of time that I am in no way promoting or encouraging any one to watch the so called documentary.... it is very derogatory and disrespectful toward women and not worth your time and besides you will actually learn nothing of value about the band.  Well..... except for the one fact I intend to share here.  In the early part of the film Paul Stanley  discusses his morning routine which begins with a bowl of granola and root beer.  In the film he literally filled a bowl of granola with a store brand root beer and chowed down, spoonful after spoonful, as he gave a tour of the Kiss Mansion.  So between that and what could easily be the RBB anthem, Vance Gilbert's "Root Beer for Breakfast," I believe that we have some momentum going here.... maybe one day McDonald's will serve granola root beer bowls to go :)   I guess you can always dream!!!

So I finally decided after 20 years to finally try out the breakfast of Paul Stanley..... Granola and Root Beer... I chose the standard... just for good measure..... and you know what, I LIKED it.... in fact if it had a fan page on facebook.... I would actually "Like" it and be proud that it was posted on my profile for all the world to see!!!   I dare all of our fans to take the plunge.... forget the polar bear dunk in an icy cold river...... warm up to the Breakfast of Rock Stars and Rootbeer Brothers..... grab a bowl of Granola and Root Beer!!!! Be sure to download Vance Gilbert's "Root Beer for Breakfast" from amazon and play it in the background to make your morning complete!!!



Joe said...

Definitely going to try this as soon as I get some granola.

Adam Rootbeer said...

You are a brave Brother...... thanks for the support :)

Eric said...

It's a TRAP!